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John Cena Expressed His Opinion On The Current WWE Roster

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John Cena recently appeared in Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness and expressed his opinion on the current WWE roster.

“The amount of complacency is staggering I mean these guys are all so gifted and there’s never been a better time ever to make a name for yourself in WWE. With all of the platforms that we have. With Raw, with SmackDown, with NXT we’re increasing our amount of pay-per-views. We’re throwing so much content at the network it’s insane.”

“We have so many guys with so many chances I just don’t get it. [Edge and Christian] certainly knows better than I do because I came in at the tail-end of like ‘hey man everybody’s just gonna have to quit to even get a chance.’ And I got my chance by mistake and I knew that.”

“But nowadays it’s in the reverse where the Superstars are in such a ‘well I’m gonna wait to see what they have for me.’ When that’s not what it is.”

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