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Randy Orton Talks About The Physique Of Kevin Owens

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Randy Orton Talks About The Physique Of Kevin Owens

Randy Orton recently appeared in the Edge & Christian Pod of Awesomeness podcast and talked about physique of Kevin Owens.

“I’m always up and down when it comes to my body,” Orton said. “It’s stressful, it is.”

“I guess Kevin Owens has it figured out. He started fat and he’ll finish fat. He’s trying to get himself over as the fat guy that can fight. Bless his heart, that’s great. I’m jealous.”

 Orton said about the physique of Kevin Owens would help the heat of his heel:

“I love it and I’m gonna use that, hopefully, sooner than later when I turn heel again because I’m sick of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.”

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