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First Official Images of The New ROH World Championship


First Official Images of The New ROH World Championship

First Official Images of The New ROH World ChampionshipThe company Ring of Honor Wrestling already has a new world championship belt. Last night, ROH announced that it will announce a new world champion belt at the beginning of Pay-Per-View (PPV) Final Battle 2017 through various social network accounts. But the design is already done by the original designer.

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The belt was developed by Wildcat Championship Belts. ROH’s new world championship valued at $ 3,500 and had all kinds of details including embedded jewelry and became the first champion’s name in the company’s history. The belt is designed, comes with plates and straps, and the whole is produced by designer Adrew Lazarchik.


The Wildcat Championship Belt is one of the most famous belt designers in the world. Since its founding, the company has worked in various famous brands such as Impact Wrestling, WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). In the case of WWE, the Wildcat Championship belt is responsible for the manufacture of the belt and gives the final shot to the last champion belts and titles (US or Internet, etc.). For NJPW or Impact Wrestling, the company created the American IWGP Championship, Impact Wrestling World Championship and Grand Championship and others.

The official presentation of the championship will be held in the main battle of the final battle. The winner of the World Championship Dalton Castle or Cody Rhodes is proud to leave Manhattan with this new belt. At the moment, this title is handed to the hands of current champion, Cody Rhodes.

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