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Enzo Amore Banned From The WWE Locker Room?


Enzo Amore Banned From The WWE Locker Room?

Enzo Amore Banned From The WWE Locker Room?

TMZ Sports was attracted to Enzo Amore, a WWE superstar in Los Angeles outside of Poppy Nightclub. He obviously had a few drinks. He broke out into a full character and advertised one hell.

His buddy apparently tried to separate him from the camera, but it was not before a cameraman asked him. “Does this mean you’re allowed back in the locker room”.

Enzo responded, “Bro, I got my own locker room — literally. That is a fact”

He added “”I don’t talk to nobody. You know why? ‘Cause if you ain’t talkin’ money, what the hell you talkin’ bout?!”

Enzo was robbed of the backstage’s feverishness in recent months due to his attitude. There is no actual word if he is forbidden from the main male locker room, but it is certainly a wrestler with a real bad fever experienced in the past.

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