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Kevin Owens And His Wife Are Again Victims Of Hacking

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Kevin Owens And His Wife Are Again Victims Of Hacking

Husband and wife are hacked again into social networks, rumors of divorce happens.

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Recently, the names of Kevin Owens and their families were in the mouth of several people, due to the incident that Owens was found to divorce from his current wife because of affair. Finally, it became clear that the situation confirmed that his wife Karina Steen was a victim of social network hacking.

Karina Steen now revealed on his personal Twitter account has torn apart by strangers, posted a message that his husband is dishonest and they are separated. When she regained account, Karina announced a message explaining what happened.

Karina is not a stranger in this kind of incident. In October of this year, she closed the Instagram personal account under cyber attack. Mr. Owens expressed himself on his Twitter account. There, he commented that he not only expressed himself to his wife and the responsible officer what happened, but also that Instagram’s staff account was closed.

“Social networks are a cesspool, the way that some people try to ruin the lives of others for no apparent reason is really depressing, my Instagram is closed, again, and now they’re going to my wife too, it’s disgusting. Needless to say, I would never want to let my family go through this.”

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