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Reason for the Absence of Baron Corbin on SmackDown Live

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Reason for the Absence of Baron Corbin on SmackDown Live

WWE did not want Baron Corbin to fight on television in his hometown

Baron Corbin asdasdasdas - Reason for the Absence of Baron Corbin on SmackDown Live

Image courtesy: WWE

Last SmackDown Live which was attended by regular names in the program, such as AJ Styles, Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn. However, it is possible that certain fans were aware of the absence of the former United States Champion Baron Corbin. Well, during today, the reason why Corbin did not appear in the program has been revealed.

According to Brad Shepard, Corbin was not present in the program last night because it was broadcast from his hometown, Kansas City. Despite having increasingly won the support of more and more fans since his debut in the main cast, “The Lone Wolf” has maintained a role of heel. This is why WWE feared that the public of his city would receive with a big ovation a heel like Baron Corbin, so they decided to keep it out of the broadcast.

However, Corbin was not totally excluded from the show last night, as those attending the program have announced that Baron Corbin formed a team with Jinder Mahal to face the team of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura in a dark match, a fight that ended up being won for the couple face.

In addition, it is known that WWE’s fears about the reaction that Corbin would receive were well on track, since apparently “The Lone Wolf” received the biggest reaction of the night during his appearance in the aforementioned dark match.

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