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Tommy Dreamer Opined About The Future Of ‘Broken’ Matt In WWE


Tommy Dreamer Opined About The Future Of ‘Broken’ Matt In WWE

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WrestlingInc’s journalist Raj Giri interviewed former wrestler of ECW and WWE, Tommy Dreamer. In particular, Dreamer talked about how Matt Hardy’s future is viewed and whether he believes that the character of “failure” will work in WWE.

On The gimmick of ‘Broken’ Matt in WWE: “A year ago, Matt Hardy was probably the most popular wrestler on the independent scene, it was probably the last good thing to see on TNA , and I do not say that as a disdain for TNA, but he was unique, he was different, he was a character. As I tweeted , as I did everything … I was always in Deletion mode and I used to like it, we had an unwritten contract that said ‘listen, I have shows , and you are hired if there is not someone who pays you more’. I was triumphing every weekend in the indies, but he was the most demanded character, and if now they give him that freedom and let him be himself that way, he will be one of the most popular wrestlers”

On the role of the Hardys: “The return of Matt and Jeff to WWE was amazing, I love them, you can not see them the way WWE is watching them, like some veterans, and yes, they were acclaimed and their ladder match was amazing, but you can not say ‘They are here to push the young guys.’ They still have a lot of fuel in their tanks as wrestlers … […] If they pass him the ball, Matt will comply. ”

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