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Bayley is Talking About her Injury, WWE 2K and Mae Young Classic


Bayley is Talking About her Injury, WWE 2K and Mae Young Classic


Bayley recently talked channel guide magazine about her injury, WWE 2K and Mae Young Classic.

About her Injury

Bayley talked about a few subjects to the Channel Guide Magazine. The most important thing is injury. Bayley has confirmed that she suffers from a separated shoulder.

“It is a separated shoulder. I’m getting checked out in a month again, so we will see where I am after that. Then I will have a better timeframe.”

About Mae Young Classic

Bayley also talked about Mae Young Classic, the next step in the female revolution. Bayley says she saw two nights of tape from the crowd, making a point to support many friends she has in the tournament.

“It was incredible. I stayed both nights and sat in the crowd the whole time. I didn’t want to sit in the back and watch on the monitor. I sat out there because there are so many of my friends who are on it”

About WWE 2K

Bayley also Talked about WWE 2K:

“Being a part of 2K event is really cool since I wasn’t on SummerSlam, and it sucks that I’m not actually wrestling. However, I still get to feel a part of something so huge as this. Visiting the children hospitals is one of the most rewarding things for us. So even if I were to do one of those every day, I feel it would be a successful week.”

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