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FOX is The Main Candidate to Buy The Tights to Broadcast WWE


FOX is The Main Candidate to Buy The Tights to Broadcast WWE

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The WWE emission rights expire in 2019 and there are several candidates to get them, among which is the USA Network. However, the FOX network has become the first candidate, according to Scott Heisel of the Uproxx portal. Apparently, the chain would not be happy with the results it is reaping with UFC and would be looking new markets such as wrestling. FOX invests 400 million dollars annually for the rights of the MMA company and it seems that the results are not as expected.

Heisel reports that Triple H has already met with the head of FOX Sports a few months ago to start the contacts and that, since then, they have been very interested to be the new home of Raw and SmackDown. For his part, Dave Meltzer, in the last newsletter of the Wrestling Observer , said that the chain is very interested in buying the rights and even the McMahon company. However, currently the president, Vince McMahon would not have interest in carrying out such action.

The chain plan depends on whether you reactivate your contract with UFC or not . In the event that the contract is not renewed, those 400 million dollars per year would go to WWE’s emission rights. Meltzer mentioned that his offer to UFC is more than 200 million per year, which is not much higher than what they are receiving in benefits.

Right now, WWE has in mind that succulent offer of FOX, but USA Network , current owner of the rights, would be preparing a counter offer, although it would not reach the figure of 400 million.

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