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Will Sami Zayn return in time for SummerSlam?

Will Sami Zayn return in time for SummerSlam?


Will Sami Zayn return in time for SummerSlam?

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Will Sami Zayn return in time for SummerSlam?

Bobby Lashley will not finally be Brock Lesnar’s opponent at SummerSlam after being beaten by Roman Reigns. Although rumors indicate that the fight for the Universal Championship in the PPV will be a Triple Threat among the three.

Pending what will happen in the coming weeks, Dave Meltzer has spoken on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio about the future of “The Dominator” at the event, indicating something that makes us focus more on another fighter.

“I have no idea (against who will fight). I hope it’s not against Sami Zayn, I know that the shoulder has been operated on. He may not have any fight. Not everyone gets it these days. “

The words of the WON editor make us think that Sami Zayn could be back in time for the PPV. Although after being injured, we anticipate that he may not return to the strings until the beginning of next year.

Going back to his partner, it seems unlikely that he will not be part of such an important event given his status. Likewise, it does not seem that he will have another match that does not involve him in the maximum title of the company.

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Maybe Zayn could come back to get some revenge for Lashley after injuring him but it’s something that has not been commented on. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.

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