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11 things you should remove from your Facebook profile

11 things you should remove from your Facebook profile


11 things you should remove from your Facebook profile

The Independent newspaper provides the fundamental keys to take care of your personal privacy on Facebook, facilitating for it 11 essential things that you must delete from your account in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook currently has an overwhelming figure of 2,271 million active each month. Given this influx of Internet users and therefore, of dangers around cybersecurity and the privacy of personal data, it is essential to take extreme precautions to avoid risks and undesirable situations.

To ensure the privacy of your Facebook profile, The Independent newspaper has created a list of eleven decisions that you should take within the social network, eliminating certain information in order to expel certain dangers from around you. It should be noted that you can know in which condition of privacy is each of your publications since to the right of each of them appears a symbol that allows you to choose between “public”, “friends of friends”, “friends” or “Only me. ”

11 things that you must delete from your Facebook

  1. Birthdays: Although this is a popular fact that the vast majority of users decide to include, show the date of birth and therefore, the birthday, is added to the puzzle we provide on the network with the name or address. If you delete this data it will be more difficult for criminals to access your privacy.
  2. Phone number: Although it is common to request it, it should never appear, since you do not know who can read it and for what function you can use it. 
  3. You have plenty of friends and contacts !:  According to Robin Dunbar, professor of Psychology at the University of Oxford, and the study that he elaborated about friendship relations in the social network, the vast majority of contacts remain. Dunbar analyzed the friends of 3,375 users, and only 4.1% of them had trusted friends. This expert aims to reduce the list of friends to generate healthier relationships
  4. Photographs in which minors appear:  The director of the Oxford Internet Institute explains it with a question: What kind of information about themselves would the children like to see in the future? ”  Therefore, to protect your image and intimacy it is advisable that delete this information and do not upload more photos.
  5. Comments or allusions about the school attended by the children:  This information is very dangerous unnecessary. Making this decision is key to the prevention of sexual crimes.
  6. Indicate the time or place of your vacation:  This is basic to avoid dislikes such as robberies or assaults. In fact, there are already insurers in the United States that do not cover the costs of theft if the client has published data on their vacations on Facebook.
  7. Beware of location services:  Remember and keep in mind that when you access from your mobile and have activated a location service, anyone with minimal knowledge can find out where you are. It is advisable to take extreme precautions and avoid the risk of being permanently geolocated. 
  8. Out Bosses: The fact that your superior at work has access to your wall can lead to problems, especially in relation to your publications and personal opinions that you pour into the social network.
  9. Location: Do not show the position from which you update your status since if you do it from home, you are facilitating your address to possible criminals.
  10. Sentimental relationship or marital status: Usually if you change, you must modify that state, something that psychologists describe as unwise.
  11. Bank details or your card: Never agree to provide bank or card information through any tool external to Facebook.

Via | The Independent


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