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5 areas that all modern offices should have

5 areas that all modern offices should have


5 areas that all modern offices should have

From Steelcase, they provide us with all the indispensable areas that a self-respecting office must have in order to encourage collaboration, high productivity or the motivation of the people who make up the workforce.

The corporate culture has changed a lot, largely motivated by the thunderous advances linked to digital transformation, so today’s offices can not count on an obsolete design of several decades ago, but this must cover the different phases of the projects and the keys of day to day.

To deal effectively with the processes and offer a wide range of spaces that focus on the well-being of employees Steelcase, a company specializing in the design of workspaces, reveals which are the five areas with which all offices should have. The key lies in the fact that spaces do not pose barriers or obstacles to work, but stimuli for good performance and creativity.

Collaboration: together we do more

5 areas that all modern offices should have

It is essential to adapt to new collaborative work environments, so it is very important to have meeting areas, formal or informal, where you can meet with your colleagues or clients without disturbing the rest of your colleagues. It is not necessary that they are closed, although the optimum will be to incorporate dividing elements with plants or furniture. It will also be opportune to create meeting rooms of different density or that can easily be reconfigured.

Concentration: help the brain to think better

5 areas that all modern offices should have

One of the most frequent complaints in open workspaces is the inability to concentrate on an activity that requires a high degree of understanding and abstraction, something that Harvard University recapitulated in this study. According to a workplace privacy survey carried out by Steelcase, 85% of employees cannot concentrate in open spaces and a third, 31%, is forced to leave the office to complete their work.

Therefore, the link between privacy and concentration is key when it comes to having spaces in the office. Alejandro Pociña, president of Steelcase, emphasizes that “privacy does not consist in installing four walls and one door, but in having the capacity to control both the internal and external stimuli that each worker wants to receive”. The expert recommends both spaces for individual work that requires a high degree of attention, but also for private conversations or personal calls.

Learning: we all learn, we all teach

5 areas that all modern offices should have

Leadership is no longer authoritarian, unidirectional or militant, but there are numerous models today, such as servant leadership. with closest and accessible bosses. In this way, learning has become multidirectional, interactive and fundamental for all members of the company.

From Steelcase, they recommend providing specific areas for the exchange of knowledge, even in the spaces of passage, as a key to develop dynamic and flexible learning.

Regeneration: the value of relationships

5 areas that all modern offices should have

Sharing time with classmates socializing, having a coffee, eating or sharing experiences is essential to be connected with the organization and foster team spirit.

The concept of work cafe fulfills this purpose. On the one hand, it offers an environment where workers can eat or drink coffee, but at the same time injects a stimulating environment so that collaboration and creativity flow naturally in a more informal context. These places should be characterized by the integration of technologies, a welcoming design, and practical support services.

Relaxation: disconnect to reconnect

5 areas that all modern offices should have

The high daily stress rhythms should be compensated with some activity that decreases the tension. That’s why there are plenty of specific relaxation areas in modern offices for activities such as meditation and yoga, as well as green and outdoor spaces to connect with nature.

Also recommended are the areas of play, leisure, entertainment or disconnection, even for napping, something that is common in countries like Japan.



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