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7 tips to save when you travel by car

7 tips to save when you travel by car


7 tips to save when you travel by car

Thinking about making the backpack and going out on the road to looking for adventures? Do not miss the following 7 tips to save when traveling by car that will help you improve your domestic economy and spend less on travel.

Although transportation alternatives are multiplying and there are more and more low-cost airlines and options to fly cheaply, many people still prefer the charm of the car to make stops, discover hidden corners and landscapes, visit towns or enjoy the pleasure of driving on small and large roads while chatting, listening to music or exploring new places.

Planning your trip by car also allows you to save, and it does not have to be linked to the lack of care of the planet. Despite not having a hybrid or electric vehicle, it is possible to drive more sustainably or make a series of changes that make your car a more environmentally friendly means of transport. If you want to travel more efficiently and save money on your car trips, do not miss the following seven simple tips.

7 keys to spend less on car trips

  • Organize your route: If you are disorganized and advocate chaotic travel, you should change the chip. If you are from the old school, sit down with the map to study your route or use Google Maps or your GPS device to re-trace the route. In this way, you will save money by not wasting fuel and you will also gain time and peace of mind.
  • Share a car: through alternatives such as BlaBlaCar, You can take advantage of the buoyant phenomenon of carsharing and travel or similar, which include Car2Go and Emov, Social Car or Drivy. You can use them both as a passenger or as a driver and if you’re not done to them, another possibility is to evaluate if it makes up for you to rent a car, depending on the destination.
  • Good driving: The way you drive affects fuel consumption to a great extent, so experts recommend not to give unnecessary accelerations, use long gears when you can and maintain a constant driving speed in which you take advantage of the vehicle’s own inertia.
  • Have your own food prepared from home: Especially if you take a long trip, you should remember the exorbitant prices of snacks or snacks from service stations. Prepare snacks at home as sandwiches, have a thermos with coffee and do not forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the trip, making the appropriate stops to rest every 2 hours driving or every 150/200 kilometers, as recommended by the DGT.
  • Find the cheapest gasoline: To fill the tank, you must try to refuel at the cheapest gas station, since the differences between them can make an important final difference if you travel many kilometers. You can use one of the following 5 applications as CombusFree, Gasofa or GasAll.
  • Flee the tolls: Depending on where you are going, the tolls can make the total price of the trip very expensive. Explore alternative routes and go to know the secondary roads.
  • Check the tire pressure: It is important to do this step once a month, whether you are traveling or not. It is important that they are in good condition and that they are suitable for the journey, incorporating chains for snow situations. The less cargo the car carries, the less fuel you will spend. On the other hand, it is better to use as little air conditioning and heating as you can.

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