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9 effective tactics to increase happiness and productivity in your company

9 effective tactics to increase happiness and productivity in your company


9 effective tactics to increase happiness and productivity in your company

From Inc, we provide examples of various companies that put in place innovative strategies to make their employees work more motivated and happy.

Is there a magic formula for the workers of a company to feel more excited, motivated and therefore more productive? The answer is no, but you can select various techniques among all the amalgam of strategies that have already proven effective to numerous brands. In fact, there are even software platforms focused on the recognition and reward of employees such as Redii, based in Sydney, which helps companies take advantage of the power of their greatest asset: human capital.

This company has researched the best daily suggestions, based on both scientific studies and real examples, so that companies can cultivate more flexible, open and motivating workspaces for their staff. Take note!

9 keys that increase the happiness and motivation of employees in the office

  • Enlightenment matters: Psychologist Ron Friedman, in his book “The best place to work”, says that the presence of windows and the strength of natural light have an extremely positive impact on the well-being of people. In addition, having views of the outdoors also provides dynamism, and it has been shown that employees who sit near a window are better focused on the task, interest in the work and loyalty to the company. On the other hand, according to the global design, architecture and engineering firm HOK, improving lighting in the workplace reduces absenteeism by 15%. Other studies place the increase in productivity between 2.8 and 20%, attributed to optimal levels of illumination.
  • Bring your pet to work: According to The Balance, allowing pets in the office can improve the perception of the company’s clients, since most of them have a positive reaction when they are offered the opportunity to interact with the pet. an employee, contributing to a greater relaxation and enjoy your visit to the business. Others suggest that it softens the image of the company and gives a more modern and close to progress.
  • The value of White Noise or soothing sounds: Again, Ron Friedman cites studies that reveal that sounds influence our performance in a tremendously powerful way. Using headphones and putting sounds from web platforms such as  that recreate the hum of a cafeteria, the bustle of a big city or the sound of a university campus affect productivity in a very positive way, improving the creativity levels of workers. To encourage deep concentration,, with its soundscapes of rain, helps to mask exterior distractions.
  • Physical fitness program in the office : According to the research cited in Fit Over 40 for Dummies by Betsy Nagelsen McCormack and Mike Yorkey , which analyzed the benefits for companies of launching corporate gyms found to save $ 1.15 to $ 5.52 per dollar spent , in addition to experiencing a decrease in absenteeism, lower turnover rates and lower sick leave, saving costs and increasing productivity. Also, according to the Human Resources technology company Rise, many large well-known companies use FitBit to improve welfare and reward their most active employees by running fun contests.
  • A quick and informative reading in the bathroom : Inside the bathrooms of giant companies of the size of Google, employees can find informative brochures renewed every week behind the doors, so they can take advantage of the visit to the service with a quick reading of thematic as diverse as appropriate coding or coding practices to health recommendations. The technique is based on each week several workers volunteer to write the publications, and others for distribution. Thus, employees reinforce their memory and expand their culture with these knowledge pills. 
  • Labor flexibility: According to reports such as 2010 Workplace Flexibility in the USflexible work – which allows employees to work when, how and where they choose – increases their participation. In fact, 60% of those with high access to these measures are very satisfied with their work, compared to 44% of those with moderate access and 22% with little labor flexibility.
  • Sense of belonging and emotional bond: Employees need to be connected to a project of larger dimensions and give their work meaning and meaning. In this sense, discussing the future, the problems or the strategy to follow is very useful. Companies such as HubSpot are committed to transparency through the use of a wiki to publish sensitive information internally, from financial data, to board meeting boards or strategic discussions. Identifying the company with a family and enhancing loyalty is essential to retain talent and satisfy workers.
  • Reconciliation and goals for work, family and personal life: Companies like Cobild – a family company focused on construction – believe that there are three essential aspects in a person’s life: work, family life, and personal life. At the beginning of each year, he encourages his team to plan the year according to all the goals they would like to achieve for the three areas of their lives. Management then creates an action plan and works so that all people can achieve those goals. In 2016, Cobild was named one of the 50 best places to work for companies with less than 100 employees.
  • A good nap: It seems a joke, but it is not. Psychologist Ron Friedman stresses that a nap increases productivity, alertness, accelerates motor reflexes, improves accuracy and decision making, promotes creativity and reinforces memory. Companies like Yahoo! or Time Warner outsource their dream allowing employees to go to local spas, with aromatherapy and a selection of nature soundtracks. Others like Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s, or Nike have “quiet rooms” in their offices so that employees can sleep or meditate.

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