There have been a number of occasions in the past where the sports of professional wrestling and mixed-martial-arts have crossed paths, and it seems they might cross those paths once again in the future.

Bobby Lashley has experience of being in a UFC Octagon as he once left the WWE to pursue a career in MMA, but has admitted that he was not fully invested in it as it was something he had wanted to explore and learn about it fully, as he was still keen on making it in the professional wrestling sphere.

Indeed, having started out in the WWE back in 2005, the current reigning WWE Champion has arguably been enjoying his best run in the company after returning in 2018 after a decade away from the squared circle. Indeed, bettors can look to find the best sportsbooks available by checking here on allvideoslots when they are ready to place a bet on what the 44-year-old might do in the ring.

Lashley, though, also did extremely well when he fought in a cage, as he managed to achieve an overall record of 15-2 when competing for promotions such as Strikeforce and Bellator.

Having been asked to reflect on his career within the MMA sphere in an interview with, Lashley revealed that he had no aspirations of being a UFC champion and was never 100% dedicated to it as he had always had the goal of returning to professional wrestling.

“I went into that world (MMA) without aspirations of being a UFC champion, I went into that world to learn the business and learn the sport,” explained Lashley.

“I won some titles but I was never completely 100% dedicated because I always wanted to come back to professional wrestling… That was my goal the entire time, but some of the (MMA) organisations told me that in order for me to come in I had to write the pro wrestling part out of my schedule and I couldn’t do that.”

Lashley, though, has since revealed he would be tempted to get in a ring with current UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, after he managed to defeat Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 to claim the title.

“He has a title, I have a title – we could do it in the ring or the cage. I don’t mind it. If this is calling him out, this is calling him out.

“I’m a fighter, man – so I’d love to be able to fight him. If that’s what it is, let’s do a big marquee match up. People know him as a killer, so I think we’d be able to do something,” Lashley said.

A clash could happen, as Ngannou has always floated out the idea that he could compete against other athletes outside of a UFC Octagon, with the idea of boxing having been suggested on many occasions.

However, with the WWE and the UFC having a decent working relationship – as shown by their willingness to let Brock Lesnar fight at an event whilst under contract, a fight could be on the cards in the future.


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