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Best Android mobile games of 2019

Best Android mobile games of 2019


Best Android mobile games of 2019

Do you want to play a game on your mobile but do not know what title to play? Here you will find the best for Android phones of 2019, of different genres and for all tastes.

The arrival of smartphones gaming, together with the fact that there are more and better games for Android and iPhone mobile phones, has allowed videogames for these devices to live nowadays a golden age.

If you are looking for good free games for Android, there are. If you are willing to pay a little, you can also do so and have complete and free games of micropayments and Pay to Win. You choose since there are enough options for all tastes and ages.

On the other hand, it does not matter what your favorite genre is, because you have plenty of alternatives at your disposal to enjoy good hours of play. Whether you are a multiplayer online shooter, sports simulators, augmented reality games or RPGs, you will find a perfect title for you.

To help you choose, we have prepared a selection with the best Android mobile games of 2019, which in addition to the titles already available also includes upcoming releases of free, freemium and paid Android games, although details are still missing about several of them.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This multiplayer online shooter, which first triumphed on PC and Xbox, made the leap to mobile phones with Tencent, developer of League of Legends and Arena of Valor. Guaranteed quality without a doubt.

This game is already available, in iOS and Android, reaping good reviews for the good adaptation of PUBG for PC. It is considered one of the best games for Android of 2019.

Download it on iOS and Android.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite

After the success of Pokemon GO, a game that has declined but still has millions of users, Niantic prepares to repeat success with another cultural phenomenon: Harry Potter. Some time ago it was announced a game in augmented reality based on this literary franchise.

Considering that Harry Potter has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, it is very likely that it will be an instant hit at the time of its release.

It is to be hoped that Niantic has learned from some of the mistakes made with Pokemon GO and that it introduces a more dynamic and participative game mode in Harry Potter Wizards United, without everything being limited to fighting creatures and capturing them routinely.

Download it on iOS and Android.

Runescape Mobile

Runescape is a vintage, retro or whatever you want to call it. The fact is that his golden age on PC has already passed many years ago, surpassed by consoles and other online RPG for mobile phones that are already available.

That does not mean that his arrival on mobile, revamped and redesigned, is really interesting. In your virtual world, there is wood to become one of the best free games for Android of 2019, without a doubt.

At the moment it is only available to users registered in Runescape Mobile Members Beta.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

This is one of the first Harry Potter games to reach mobile devices. He has done it in a big way, although disappointing in some aspects related to micropayments.

Among its main attractions, there is the possibility of creating a personalized character and gradually increasing the skills in magic and sorcery. Also, you do not need to go outside to play it.

Of course, its presence on Google Play and iTunes augurs many more titles related to Harry Potter in the future.

Black Desert Mobile

PC online RPGs lived a great moment about a decade ago. Since then they survive more or less dispersed, with many users in countries such as China and Russia. Precisely in China triumphs Black Desert, one of the cult role-playing games for computers.

That said, its developers think that there is an important hole to cover in smartphones, a title that faces the open world and the PvP combats in online multiplayer in a really ambitious way, without limitations, and with good graphics.

That is why the arrival of Black Desert Mobile to Android and iOS for the same year is announced. We will see what it offers and if the community likes it, although without a doubt those who have tried it on PC, PS4 and Xbox will know that its gameplay is really good and that its creators are concerned about facing the complaints and concerns of its users.

Almost with total probability, it will be a free game for Android with integrated micropayments. The game is available in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, and at the moment it is unknown when it will reach other markets.

Jurassic World Alive

Following in the wake of other games in augmented reality, including the one that is to come from Harry Potter, Jurassic Park is also targeted.

This game has an interesting novelty, and that is that you can fight with your dinosaurs against wild dinosaurs. Of course, first, you will have to capture their DNA and clone them in the laboratory.

It has been released taking advantage of the pull of the new film of the saga, although no doubt its success has been far from the phenomenon that supposed Pokémon GO in its premiere.

You can download it for iOS and Android.

Dragon Ball Legends

For Dragon Ball fans there is no doubt: this is the best mobile game of 2019 or at least one of the best. There are several titles inspired by this saga that have already reached mobile, although few of this type.

Dragon Ball Legends is a somewhat peculiar fighting game, with abilities and powers, although in the end, it is about defeating the opponent and exhausting his life.

You can download it for free on iOS and  Android.

Life is Strange Mobile

We go finally with a particular case. Life is Strange Mobile is available on iOS since December, but not yet on Android. According to the developer, it would arrive in early 2018, but here we are still waiting to play one of the best mobile games of 2019.

This title follows the game mechanics of its equivalent in PC and consoles. It is divided into several chapters, and although the initial download is free, you have purchased within the app and you must pay for episode or season pass. 

You can download it in the Google Play and App Store.

Grim Fandango Remastered

This game is an adaptation of the title of success in PC, although applied to mobile devices has been unfairly ignored by many. It is true that the graphics are not spectacular, but it is not necessary.

Grim Fandango for iOS and Android is a game that is worth taking a look at, especially if you are one of those who values a game for something more than the graphics quality.

Its gameplay is excellent and you’ll love it if you could try the game on the computer.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is, without a doubt, one of the best games for Android phones that we will see in 2019. The universe of the veteran and acclaimed action RPG for PC finally reaches the screens of smartphones and tablets, and the fans of the saga are willing to put their hands on it.

At the moment a specific date has not been announced for the launch of Diablo Immortal, but if you want to be one of the first to download it when it is available you can register in this link.



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