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Best WWE stables of the 2010s

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Best WWE stables of the 2010s

The WWE is one of the leading organisations in the wrestling industry and one reason they have been as successful as they are is because of the ‘stables’ and ‘factions’ that they have been able to create over the years.

A ‘stable’ is defined as a group of wrestlers within a promotion who have a common element — friendships, either real or storyline, a common manager, or a common storyline — which puts them together as a unit. Despite there being a storyline, you can still place wagers on the action if you head to my friend’s page on sports betting sites.

Throughout history, the WWE had been able to use them to huge success, with the likes of D- Generation X, The Four Horsemen and New World Order (NWO) just some of those to have torn things up in the squared circle all those years ago.

In truth, the ‘stable’ idea appeared to get lost amongst all the other storylines that were created, however they started to make a return at the turn of 2010, with a number of factions being brought into play that could have competed with the very best of yesteryear.

Here are just some of the stables to have been created and what made them incredibly good for the WWE at the time.


The Nexus burst onto the scene, literally, in June 2010 as they tore down the set of RAW and subsequently picked on John Cena from day one as they looked to make a point. Consisting of all the participants from the first season of NXT, winner Wade Barrett led Daniel Bryan, Skip Sheffield (Ryback), Michael Tarver, Darren Young, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and David Otunga on an assault charge against the whole locker room.

The story involving the faction took a change over time, though, when CM Punk became the new leader and ousted Barrett before things completely ran their course after a 14-month run.

The Wyatt Family

Perhaps one of the weirdest stables to have ever come to fruition in the WWE, the Wyatt family were one of the best to have ever been created. Members consisted of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan originally, before Braun Strowman also joined them some time later.

As a trio, they would go on to terrorise a number of the top superstars on RAW and SmackDown and would leave some rather chilling promos and skits as they tried to get into the heads of their latest targets. “Follow the Buzzards” and “Run” would be just some of the traditional sayings that would be said, whilst Sister Abigail would always receive a mention.

The Shield

Arguably the greatest stable to have been created over the last decade or so, The Shield completely changed how stables would be in the WWE forever. Consisting of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, the self-proclaimed ‘Hounds of Justice’ would go around look to provide their version of justice by epically beating down a number of high-profile superstars.

They were extremely successful and burst on to the scene by helping CM Punk to retain his WWE Championship when they interfered in a Triple Threat match involving Punk, Ryback and John Cena.

One of the biggest stories that involved the faction, though, was the shocking turn by Rollins when he hit Reigns in the back with a chair after deciding to join The Authority once again after Evolution’s feud ended with them.


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