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The problem of the legalization of substances extracted from cannabis has always represented a very topical issue and, even today, even though the situation seems stable, it continues to be at the center of various discussions.


However, the situation regarding CBD, that is, the oil extracted from hemp Sativa, seems to have become clearer now: CBD is considered a legal substance. Of course, you must respond to different laws and regulations that vary from country to country.


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The general situation


In 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that cannabidiol could not be considered a drug according to the unique United Nations convention on drugs. 


However, the difference between CBD and THC needs to be clarified. The first is not considered a psychotropic substance. Its trade and its use are legal both in Italy and Europe as long as the quantities within each product provided for by the different regulations from one country to another are respected.


The situation is different for THC, which instead is considered a substance that also has substantial effects on the mental state of the individual who takes it. In some countries, such as Italy, its presence is allowed only in the percentage of 0.5% within each product. Beyond this threshold, the sale and consumption of THC are considered illegal.


Going back talking about CBD, which is therefore legal in most European states, we must also consider the legislation that deals with its commercialization between different nations.

A Member State cannot prohibit the commercialization of CBD legally produced in another state. However, it can limit it in some way, for example, by establishing strict rules regarding the concentration of this substance in the products or the method of commercialization.


CBD: the situation in Europe


Unlike in Italy, in many European countries, the legalization of CBD is subject to slightly different regulations. In particular, we focus on the parts of the hemp Sativa plant that can be processed into CBD extracts. The processing of seeds and flowers of the Sativa variety is not allowed in Europe.


Therefore, all substances obtained from it must be derived mainly from the leaves. However, there is no distinction regarding the percentage dosage within the products. There are some countries where these standards differ even slightly and, for example, a higher concentration of CBD and THC is allowed in certain products. In these countries, companies that sell CBD also tend to have higher revenues.


The CBD market


Despite questions about its effectiveness and long-standing regulatory failures, the UK’s legal cannabis market is booming. In spite of the strict restrictions on plant cultivation, it is now the second-largest market globally: driven by the pandemic, the legal cannabis market, with CBD products supposed to improve well-being, is booming in the UK.


With its relaxing effects and ability to combat stress, CBD has become fashionable, despite questions about its effectiveness and a long history of poor regulation. CBD (cannabidiol), which is most often sold in extracts or oil, is one of the non-psychotropic active ingredients in cannabis, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).


“There has been a real shift in opinion,” said the co-founder and CEO of LDN CBD told AFP. Like many companies, his band embarked on the adventure in 2018 in London and is now planning a crowdfunding campaign. “From the testimonials and feedback we’re getting, it’s mostly benefiting people dealing with traumatic experiences, chronic illnesses or high-stress environments” such as doctors, police, firefighters or veterans, according to Joe Oliver.


CBD can be found in well-known UK retailers such as JustBob.shop with some of the best natural CBD products in the country.

The sector is expected to generate sales of £690 million in the UK by 2021, according to the industry association ACI (Association for the Cannabinoid Industry). And they could reach 1 billion pounds by 2025, estimated at the beginning of 2020, the British consultancy Savills estimated the number of users at 250,000 in 2018.


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