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The best sci-fi movies from Netflix

The best sci-fi movies from Netflix


The best sci-fi movies from Netflix

Are you thirsty for science fiction movies? We bring you a compilation of the best movies of this genre that you can find in this streaming content platform.

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres, but also that more division creates. When the majority thinks about science fiction, it puts in the sack films like Star Wars. Everything that comes out of the medieval fantasy minimally, but remains a fantasy and has something related to ” science ”, is science fiction.

For others, science fiction is Interstellar or 2001: Odyssey in space, but if we want to recommend you the best sci-fi movies of Netflix, we are the ones who must open the range, since the ” hard science fiction ” seems to have no site on the platform.

So, to recommend Netflix’s best sci-fi movies, a category in which there is a lot of content, but it’s not worth it, we will follow the same rules that we set when we recommend the best sci-fi series on the platform.

As we say, it ‘s funny, but there are no “hard” science fiction movies on Netflix, and the ones that seem to be, like Sola on Earth or heading to the unknown, are perfect for napping on a Sunday afternoon. It seems that Netflix has ” abandoned ” the licenses of this genre to try to create their own movies, but it is not going very well.

Therefore, we will open the range to tell you about Netflix’s best science fiction films, where there is also a place for cyberpunk and fantasy, although always related to what is now understood as science fiction.

Valerian: The City of a Thousand Planets

We started with the best Netflix sci-fi movies with one that is more pigeon-like than anything else, but with very high production values.

It is a film created by Luc Besson (director of The fifth element ) and based on the comics of Valerian and Laureline. Come on, it’s a French production that ” stays at home ” and that has been one of the most expensive in the neighboring country, with a 200 million budget (and a major setback at the box office, covering expenses and little else).

And … what is it? In the XVIII century, there is a planet that, basically, is the union of hundreds of other planets. An immense city has been created in which all species share their knowledge, and there is a kind of police (Valerian and Laureline) that must ensure security in human territories, either in the City of a Thousand Planets or outside the same

However, one day they discover that in the heart of the city there is something dark that can make the balance of coexistence falter.

If you go through the hoop of its two and twenty hours, and you reach the end, you will have a great taste in your mouth. Especial effects very accomplished, the chemistry between the characters and story more or less attractive.

Ender’s Game

Also with a very high budget and a very poor collection, we find the film adaptation of the book The Game of Ender. Well, the script is a mix between the novels Ender’s game and Ender’s shadow.

The movie starts when the buggers, go name, attack the Earth. They are an alien species that seems unstoppable until, with a suicidal maneuver, a pilot manages to stop the attack. That made a dent in humanity, which began to prepare elite soldiers with special and increased characteristics to respond to any attack.

The problem is when the fate of humanity depends on a young commander who … well, he is a kid compared to the others. Great special effects, lots of action and Harrison Ford, what more could you want? It ‘s those perfect movies to see when we have nothing to do, as it is the most entertaining.


En Akira forgets spacecraft to set foot in the Neo-Tokyo in 2019. It is curious how they saw in 1988 the society of the future, since we do not resemble each other at all (at a technological level, of course, on other issues they were right).

We are facing a Japanese animation film that leads us to a ” future ” in which the Third World War has occurred. Japan is a country on the verge of collapse and Neo-Tokyo is the great city built on the ashes of the Japanese capital.

Although there is a great background story, with the army experimenting to create the ultimate weapon, we accompany Kaneda, a young gang member who finds himself involved in the greatest “adventure” of his life.

Akira has earned the qualification of the cult film because of its animation, the story that tells us and, sips everything, for a spectacular soundtrack. Recently it has been confirmed that there will be Akira’s movie in real action. We’ll see how it goes, but if you like science fiction, fantasy, and cyberpunk, you have no excuse not to see Akira.


And we come to something “made at home.” Aniquilación is a Netflix movie created by the talented Alex Garland (director of films like Ex Maquina). It is based on the homonymous novel of 2014, but Garland’s adaptation is quite free.

He tells us how a group of soldier-scientists who are experts in different areas(psychology, biology, physics, paramedicine, and geology) must enter a forbidden and mysterious zone that continues to gain ground for humanity.

Why have they chosen expert scientists in these branches of science? Because nobody knows what is inside Area X, since all the detachments they have sent have not managed to get out alive, except a member of Expedition 11.

Do not expect shots, space ships or spectacular special effects in this film, because we are facing something different, slower and with the script as the protagonist. It’s spectacular, one of Netflix’s best sci-fi movies and a new demonstration of Garland’s talent.

Gantz: or

Gant: Or is a strange movie like few, and Japanese (maybe both concepts go hand in hand). It is an adaptation of one of Hiroya Oku’s manga that tells us how a group of strangers has awakened, without knowing how in the same room.

The team is equipped with a series of weapons to combat beings from hell in a futuristic Japan, but the interesting thing is that everything is a game. What they must do in advance … kill and get more points.

It is an interesting film both for the rhythm (it will delight those who enjoy playing video games) and for the animation created by the computer. There are spectacular fights, battles between great creatures and blood in droves.


Goodbye action, hi drama and science fiction romance. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are the protagonists of this film that tells us how humanity is traveling to a very distant planet to be able to settle there.

They travel in a large ark, a spaceship that has all the comforts and thousands of cryogenics humans waiting for the perfect moment for awakening. As you can imagine, things do not go as they should, and some people wake up before others …

It is an interesting science fiction movie that has, if we look for it, different ethical questions and a few winks to classics of the hardest science fiction. If you have an afternoon and you want something futuristic, but without action or to think too much, it is one of the best sci-fi movies you can see on Netflix.


Life is a change of the nut since it mixes science fiction with terror (like Gantz), but now in a spaceship, like Alien, let’s go. It’s quite interesting because of the cast and the plot.

And it is that it speaks to us about a group of astronauts of the International Space Station who discover what NASA is looking for at the moment: life on Mars. They start to investigate, but what they did not know is that it was going to be such an advanced way of life.

It is basically a ” remake ” of Alien, which gives us the odd scare and is quite round. It is true that the shadow of the Xenomorph weighs on you, but if you look for space terror, it is the best you can see on Netflix in science fiction.

12 monkeys

This yes, 12 monkeys’ is one of Netflix’s best sci-fi movies, a classic that may not be very well-known now, but one of the best time travel movies.

Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a prisoner who, in 203, offers to travel back in time to prevent the ” Army of the 12 monkeys ” from spreading the deadly virus that killed millions and forced the humans to live underground.

The objective is to obtain a sample, but that of going from the present to the past is not so easy to understand for the society to which it travels.

Terry Gilliam took out of his sleeve a real science fiction movie, with a start that catches anyone and with a development that leaves us stuck to the sofa.

The Cloverfield Paradox

We came to the end of the list of the best sci-fi movies Netflix with Cloverfield Paradox, the third installment of a saga that began with Monstruoso and continued with Cloverfield 10 … and which we still expect continuation with Cloverfield 4.

Six astronauts (again, they are obsessed with number six) are in a spaceship where they must discover how to get Earth out of the worst crisis it has ever known. Ten years ago, something found us, and now it is estimated that in five years world resources will be exhausted, causing wars for the control of these goods.

What idea comes to scientists? Bring the Hadron accelerator to space to create a source of energy safely, but this can cause the opening of gaps in spacetime or, directly, other dimensions.

It’s a curious movie that leaves too much to fantasy and that shows that Abrams does what he wants with the scripts. Still, it is entertaining (as the whole saga) and very interesting.



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