Some of the most exciting sports in the world to bet on are those involving combat, because every fighter involved has a ‘puncher’s chance’ of winning.

This was evident the day that Buster Douglas knocked out the previously untouchable Mike Tyson, and it’s amazing to see how many underdogs still prevail to this day.

The rules for betting on wrestling, of course, are slightly different given the scripted nature of the action, but even so, there are some tell-tale signs that punters can use to ensure that their wagering goes to plan.

Many betting sites (visit UK Betting Sites for information about the best sites) offer odds for wrestling betting, and the absolutely vast majority will price up the key UFC and Bellator bouts, so there’s ample opportunity to profit from these sports.

What do you need to know when placing your wrestling and MMA bets?

Head-to-head record

In some individual sports, head-to-head records are of no real consequence. In darts, for example, the players aren’t impacted by their opponent in the same way that they are in tennis – some individuals struggle against opponents who hit certain serves or apply unique spin on the ball.

In combat sports, it goes without saying that one fighter’s style impacts upon the other. Therefore, it’s always worth checking out the head-to-head records, both in terms of the two pugilists in question and also when comparing those fighters to others of similar stature and technical ability.

Fighting style

Allied to the above is fighting style. In all combat sports, you can broadly divide fighters into two camps – brawlers and technicians – and, of course, there are unique approaches within those two elementary styles.

Look at the past record of a fighter to see how they fare against the different techniques, and you might just find an insight that is pivotal to your betting success.

Watching your weight

In MMA fights, it’s not uncommon for fighters to have to cut weight in order to make a limit – sometimes, an individual can be fighting that battle right up until the last minute.

Of course, fasting and deliberately dehydrating oneself is not exactly ideal preparation for a big fight, so it’s worth keeping an eye on training videos in the lead-up to fight night and also watching the weigh-in – sometimes, you can tell straight off the bat when a contender is not in their ideal fighting shape.

Change of coach/manager

Sometimes, a fighter will look to spark a revival in their fortunes by aligning with a new coaching team or manager.

In the MMA, an individual may change coach when they want to improve their skills in a certain area – a brawler might employ a trainer who can help them to improve their mat skills, for instance, or a technician might want to enhance their striking ability and therefore decide to hire a coach with experience in that field.

In wrestling, note how a change to a certain manager precipitates success in the ring. It goes without saying that aligning with a personality such as Paul Heyman leads to rewards – Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, his most recent charges, are evidence of that.


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