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Patch 1.07 and WWE 2K20 is still broken


Patch 1.07 and WWE 2K20 is still broken

WWE 2K20 has been out for 3 months and it has not been a great 3 months. The game released in a virtually unplayable state but over time it has released bug fix patches. The latest patch 1.07 fixed most bugs in the game and everyone (myself included) was praising 2k for all their hard work in fixing the official game of WWE.

But as of recent, it has been discovered that patch 1.07 has added a game-breaking bug in Universe Mode. Previously you could make your own matches or edit the WWE superstars in auto-generated matches but whenever you try now WWE 2k20 will crash. Looking at 2ks track record for updating WWE 2k20 it’s safe to assume Universe Mode will be virtually unplayable for about 2 months or so until their next update. If any more game-breaking glitches or bugs are found a new article will be made.


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