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5 foods to better cope with the time change

5 foods to better cope with the time change


5 foods to better cope with the time change

Food can become a trick in your favor to recharge, eliminate fatigue and anxiety and overcome the impact that some people have on the change of time to summer time.

Once again, but for the last time, the change of time has taken place simultaneously in all the countries of the European Union. Each country will have the option to make one more change on October 27, 2019, depending on whether it prefers to stay permanently in the “summer” or “winter” schedule, a decision that has not yet been made.

Thus, last Saturday at 03:00 hours became 02:00, a phenomenon that causes a small mismatch between the internal biological rhythm and the different exposure to natural light, which is transient and resolves spontaneously with the passage of days. Of course, during the first week, many people can suffer alterations in mood, increased frequency, and intensity of migraines and headaches, loss of appetite, anxiety or insomnia. Let’s say that by advancing the clock an hour we experienced a kind of jet lag.

When it comes to avoiding the usual problems with the time change -which, to make matters worse, may coincide with the appearance of spring asthenia- , regularity in sleep schedules is essential -without reducing them or staying stuck to the sheets-, opt for short naps , exercise gently, preferably not at night, abandon stimulant drinks and alcohol , disdain copious dinners and relax before sleeping with music, meditation or a good read.

Next, we review five essential foods to face the time change.


Fruits are rich in water, vitamins, and minerals, helping to keep you hydrated and fresh during the day. Include in your breakfast and snacks seasonal fruits such as avocado, kiwi, lemon, orange, apricot, cherry, nectarine or strawberry.


They will recharge you with energy, they will provide you with quality protein, lots of fiber, and tryptophan, an essential amino acid to sleep and regulate your rest schedules.

Fresh vegetables

5 foods to better cope with the time change

Especially for dinner time – since it is recommended that it be light – the fresh and seasonal vegetables will become your great allies. Among them stand out chard, artichokes, celery, chicory, green asparagus, spinach, peas, lettuce, carrots and beans. You can make creams, soups, salads, tabulés, etc …


Incorporating them into your diet these days brings benefits such as stress reduction, anxiety and fatigue, a great energy intake, improved intestinal transit and increased levels of serotonin, the hormone linked to pleasure and well-being.

Whole grains

5 foods to better cope with the time change

Wheat, rice or corn are rich in fiber and the fuel of our body to function properly. Incorporate complex carbohydrates to your dishes, essential to have the daily energy that these days of mismatch demand.


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