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Follow these few tips to win wrestling matches

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks will face PAC and Lucha Brothers at Fyter Fest


Follow these few tips to win wrestling matches

When you consider the heavyweight wrestlers, they might have different wrestling style of their own but the common thing which you can see among them would be the heavyweights.

If you want to win the wrestling matches there are certain strategies which can help you to win the match. You might need to follow different strategies in different situations with your opponents and you should be able to guess which one would work best. Usually, the heavyweight wrestlers are bigger but very less agile when compared to the smaller weight wrestlers. You don’t need to be heavyweight but you should be stronger through you are small weight. If you are interested in doing gambling on wrestling and new to it, focus on more online bonuses as that will help you to earn more by investing less money.

Check out the following important points:

Maintain better shape:

You need to have a better shape when compared to your opponent. This is because you might not be able to push a person who weighs more. When you are in better shape it would be easy for you to win the match against your opponent. National strength and conditioning association would help you with the right strengthening training and conditioning for the high school wrestlers.


Spend extra time in the weight rooms:


If you are heavy wrestler strengthening is really important. When you consider Kyle Snyder, he works pretty hard in the weight rooms and would manage to push his opponents who weigh more than 30-50 pounds than his weight. The best way to get stronger is through weights. The weights room would be the best place where you can grow to get stronger and stronger. When Kyle Snyder was in college, he was weighing just 197 lbs but later he weighed 222 pounds and that’s when he was able to beat Nick Gwiazdowski in the final match. It’s worth spending extra time in the weight rooms, especially for the heavyweight wrestlers.


Eat healthy:


To maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat healthy and good foods. The heavyweight wrestlers from high schools and colleges are just like brick houses. They don’t have too much body fat or they are skinny, unlike the lower weight wrestlers. What you can do is try to avoid soda pop, drink 1-2 glasses of water just before you take your meal, can reduce the food portion sizes, add more amounts of vegetables and whole grains to your diet, etc. This won’t just help you to reduce weight but would make you stronger and active as never before. With the right eating habits and drinking more water, you can take a competitive advantage over the mat.


Know the 5 takedowns:


When you are a heavyweight wrestler you should also know about takedowns. It should be made your best move being a heavyweight wrestler. When you can make use of 5 takedowns then you can make any of your opponents down and it would be easy for you to win the matches. You should learn different takedowns as you need to use different takedown according to your opponent. The takedown which worked for one might not work for the other wrestler. You should know and try for a double leg, single-leg, knee pick, pass by as well as foot sweep. Don’t go for a throw as it’s not considered to be the best move. Rather go for a takedown which is less risky and would give you a higher score.


Learn to circle:


When the wrestler knows how to circle, he will be able to try an angle with which he can attack the opponent. In some cases, the heavyweight opponents might cross the boundaries trying to wrestle aggressively. When you are aware of circling you can attack yourself even if your opponent is a heavyweight wrestler.


Plan great escape:


At one point or the other, any heavyweight match might come to an end. The heavyweight wrestlers need to know how they can plan for an escape from their opponents. You can either go for the quarter stand up, tripod stand up, standing switch or even the tripod to Granby. To try these moves you need to have enough strength which can be obtained by spending enough time in weight rooms.


Understand the chain wrestle:


It is nothing but putting all your moves together to attach your opponent. When you can practice multiple moves at a time it would become a perfect chain which would let you be a great heavyweight.


Know to ride anyone:


If you are a heavyweight then you should know how to ride any kind of opponent of yours.

This will let you have a better chance to pin your opponent and prevents your opponent from scoring high. You should be able to counter any move from your opponent and break them down.


 Analyze great heavyweights:


It’s important to be a sports student if you want to become the best at wrestling heavyweight. You can check out the videos of people who are good at heavyweights like Cole Konrad, Steve Mocco, Bruce Baumgartner and more. Just by watching their matches you would be able to learn the best moves which you didn’t know before.


Other heavyweight wrestling tips for you:


You can also check out the various resources which you can find online like YouTube. All you got to do is to go to YouTube and search for the wrestling heavyweight movies and you would be able to find a huge list of videos with great tips with which you can now be a great wrestler. You can also join wrestling camps where you can work seriously on becoming a good wrestler. The big people like Edinboro and others organize various camps for all those dedicated wrestlers. You can also watch the instructional wrestling DVDs simultaneously while you are working with your coachers or the workout partners which will help you to learn a lot. It’s the best way to get to know the right and best moves and ways to escape from your opponent wrestlers.

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