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The common injuries gained during wrestling and ways to prevent them

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The common injuries gained during wrestling and ways to prevent them

Injuries are very common in wrestling and some injuries might take more time to relieve than few others. This article is about wrestling injuries and how to prevent and treat the injuries once they occur. These injuries mostly occur for two reasons – one is when there is direct contact between the players. The second cause is when there are twisting in their ligaments because of the force applied. If there is an injury once, there are increased chances of injuries coming back. This is because when the player returns to his games, there are concussions that can arise. If you are investing in wrestling gambling, play through VIP Casino and they can give you good guidance on which player is the best with minimum injuries.

Let us first see all the common injuries that are caused by wrestling.

Ligament tear and strain

Ligament injuries are the most common form of injury that a player generally has. Ligaments are short bands of flexible and fibrous tissue that connects two bones. This connection happens in a joint and the ligaments get continuous pull while playing. Under the ligament tear and strain are the parts of the body that are quite common.

  • Knee – Knees are a common area of injury than any other parts of the body. It is quite common that while wrestling, the Medial collateral ligament (MCL) and Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) get injured. If a torn ligament is not taken care of in the first stage, it can further damage the ligaments of your knee. To take care and prevent a knee injury, always wear a knee sleeve made of neoprene. Neoprene knee sleeves keep the ligaments warn and knee compressed and many wrestlers wear a knee cap to prevent injuries.
  • Shoulder – Shoulders are prone to dislocations which again cause injuries to the ligaments. This occurs mostly when the wrestler is slammed down. It is advisable to wear a shoulder wrap which enables the shoulder to get healed faster. A good shoulder wrap allows both heat and cold treatment to the injured part.
  • Ankle – Unlike the shoulder and knee, ankle injuries are less common and mostly happen when a wrestler gets rolled. This rolling happens a scramble with another wrestler and are usually has minor effects. Ankle injuries hardly require surgeries compared to the knee and shoulder. But in case an ankle injury has occurred, one should consider wearing an ankle wrap. An ideal ankle wrap has to be thin and fit inside the shoe of a wrestler. This is to be a wrestler extra support while he is at a heavy regular activity.

Face and head injury

After ligament tear, head and face injuries are also usual kinds of injuries in wrestling. These are common areas of the human body that gets injured from blunt force traumas.

  • Nose – In a wrestling match, it is a usual sight to see a bloody nose of a wrestler. In most of the games, wrestlers have had cotton balls shoved up their nostrils at many points. Nose injuries not only include nose bleeds but also broken noses. In case of a severe case of a broken nose, it is advised that one wears a face mask until recovery.
  • Concussions – Even though concussions are a common form of injury, the occurrence is occasional. Every year, many wrestlers get affected for concussions which happen from head-on collision or unusual throws. While this happens, it is advisable to take proper rest and let the concussion heal thoroughly. Unless the concussion is healed completely, wrestling is a big no. It is recommended to use concussion supplements which accelerate the healing process.
  • Cauliflower ear – Again one of the most common forms of injury in wrestling and happens when the ear is continuously hit. This usually causes the blood to get settled in the injured area and it takes almost 7 to 10 days for the ear to harden. The hardening of blood needs to be stopped in the first stage of the injury to prevent cauliflower ear.

General injuries in the body

General injuries are very frequent and occur in wrestling. That can happen due to bruises, muscle pulls or broken bones.

  • Muscle strain or pull – Wrestlers face the trouble of muscle pulls in their legs and back quite usually. These are due to various factors like lack of stretching, dehydration or overuse of a muscle. To curb this, a wrestler must consider strength training in case there are specific muscles that are regularly pulled. To reduce the pain it is advisable to take ibuprofen or use ice packs that cut down the inflammation.
  • Bruises – A heavy-duty combat sport like wrestling where bruises are a common injury. Bruises occur when a wrestler is thrown on the land, mat or the other wrestler. To take care of the bruised area, let the area rest as it is sore. You can also use an ice pack to let the area heal completely.
  • Broken bones – This is another common form of injury in wrestling where bones of the shin, arm or ankle are broken. Various kinds of arm fractures happen but the humeral fracture is the most common here. This is the upper arm, the bone between the shoulder and elbow, the area that gets injured and breaks. While plastering the bone helps in the long run, yet one should think of ways to minimize the injuries. This is done by training oneself with the correct techniques and right positions to avoid impactful injuries.

One of the most physically demanding sports is wrestling and injuries of all forms are quite common here. Above mentioned are some vital injuries including their prevention that will help a wrestler minimize the injuries and their effects. Many times, injuries cannot be avoided and in such a case, you need to start by taking rest and letting the injury heal. It is important that you need to take some time off and get the injury checked by a professional medical practitioner. Any form of ignorance to the injury will worsen the wound and this might result in extreme consequences.

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