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Pipebomb! – CM Punk’s outburst is 10 years old


Pipebomb! – CM Punk’s outburst is 10 years old

CM Punk might be history where the WWE are concerned these days, however there is no doubting that he was once one of the top superstars and one that would go on to captivate many of the WWE Universe when he was performing in the ring or entertaining elsewhere.

The ‘Straight-Edged’ superstar was one who made a name for himself in ECW before making the move to SmackDown before becoming someone that would be able to carry Monday Night Raw at times, as he had the ability to provide some of the best storylines possible.

Those stories included the angle which saw him and Paul Heyman split when he appeared ready to climb the ladder and win the title, thus entering him into a battle with Brock Lesnar, whilst other stories he was a part of included the Shield, the Nexus and others. Indeed, great stories and angles that are provided by the WWE can always be a great incentive for those using Finnish betting sites such as as it will get them truly invested in the action and provide them with an opportunity to further enhance their overall experience.

However, his biggest story was the one with John Cena, where he would ‘leave’ the company as the WWE Champion, only to return when the WWE looked to be set to crown Cena the champion once again with a new belt after a tournament.

But, before CM Punk did this, he would go on to produce perhaps one of the most iconic promos/shoots/works of all time with his pipebomb; something that happened 10 years ago but one that many WWE fans will remember as if it had happened yesterday.

Punk went on a tirade with his comments as there were no holds barred, as he would go on to criticise superstars and legends such as Cena, Hulk Hogan, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and others before going on to criticise upper management such as John Laurinaitis, and the McMahon family, before cutting cut off at the end of the show.

He also bemoaned the fact that he was not being promoted by the company and then blamed the WWE Universe for the fact that they continued to pour all their money into the company by buying those products. The whole video can be watched here, with some of what he says being incredibly strong.

Whether it was a planned work, or a shoot that happened off the script, CM Punk provided the WWE with a truly memorable moment 10 years ago and it is one that made the “best in the world” one of the most popular in the ring.

He may have left after the Royal Rumble in 2014 after actually being disillusioned with life in the company and turning his hand at UFC, but there is still clamour for Punk to return to the WWE today – by fans and probably not management such as Vince McMahon.


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