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These are Netflix figures around the world

These are Netflix figures around the world


These are Netflix figures around the world

These are the figures of Netflix around the world, numbers that reflect the success of a company that started sending DVDs by mail in a subscription model and that is today one of the leading companies in the revolution of streaming video content. We see the growth of Netflix, what they spend on productions and the company’s medium-term objectives.

Netflix has a few years behind them. The company is 22 years old and just 20 years ago began with a revolutionary subscription model. Instead of streaming series, a DVD and video subscription (what was there at that time). Little by little, they switched to the digital market and streaming, and now they are a reference in the entertainment sector.

The thing has changed a lot since 2009 reached 10 million subscribers, and now we are talking about more than 100 million worldwide. Netflix is today a giant company that not only distributes content through the network but also creates such content in the form of films, series, and documentaries (of very high quality).

Here we tell you what Netflix figures are in 2019, 20 years after they sent their first movie by mail, as they amaze and, in addition, the prospect is to keep growing.

Spectacular growth at the subscriber level

As we say, Netflix has changed a lot at the infrastructure level. In essence, it’s still the same: video on demand in a subscription system, but the format has changed. Before, it was a virtual video store (something that is maintained in the United States), but little by little it was making the leap to streaming.

The growth of Netflix has been spectacular in recent years. If we go back 10 years, in 2009 they had about 12 million subscribers, and a year later, 20 million. It was a big climb, but not the biggest, proportionally. 2013 ended with 44.5 million subscribers and 2014 with another 13 million more.

This figure has continued to increase at a rate of around 17-19 million per year until 2018, a year that closed with some 140 million subscribers, an increase of some 20 million compared to the previous period. The international market is increasingly important for Netflix, and that has encouraged the production company to create, support and distribute series from several countries, especially European ones.

Some ‘Netflix Originals’ that do not stop growing

The Netflix catalog is increasingly plagued by series, films and documentaries ‘Original Netflix’. It is a seal of quality in documentaries and in both series and films, it depends. In total, there are some 700 series, counting several seasons and financed series, original Netflix.

The same thing happens in movies. The amount is much less, but in 2018, 80 films were released in which Netflix was directly involved.

Yes, there are more and more productions of their own, but then the most profitable are some like The Office or Friends, as well as New Girl, Supernatural or Gray’s Anatomy, which are not their own and which cost a lot of money to maintain.

Find the balance between investment and benefit

Despite the overwhelming figures, Netflix has a debt that does not stop growing , and the fact is that the producer increasingly gets more debt, as it spends more and more money (in billions of dollars) in advertising, as well as several hundred only in two of the most recognized producers and directors of the platform.

It is estimated that Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy have cost more than 400 million dollars (without going into what their productions cost). The platform began 2018 with profits of more than 500,000 million dollars, but with a debt of about 40,000 million.

The platform grows more and more, but also spends more on original productions and licenses and the debt increases.

Objective: 300 million subscribers in 2026

Now, we are not going to finish “down” this review of Netflix figures worldwide, since the platform is optimistic about the future. He estimates that opening up to new territories, such as Asia, will bring advantages, like several million more subscribers.

The objective of the platform is ambitious, since 300 million subscribers are many, and we must bear in mind that, although the market is moving towards digital, the competition will also be greater. Apple TV+ is already a reality, and this year the streaming video service from Disney will arrive.

What is clear is that the trajectory of Netflix over the years has been spectacular, and the numbers, there they are.



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