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UFC Fight Night: Keeping Tabs On London’s Most Anticipated Fight Night in Match


UFC Fight Night: Keeping Tabs On London’s Most Anticipated Fight Night in Match

Lovers of boxing are looking forward to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, dubbed UFC fight night slated for Saturday 21st March in London, United Kingdom. The event will take place at O2 Arena. Whether you will be streaming live or looking to attend, the eagerly awaited boxing event marks the 12th UFC in London with several names on the main card. For punters looking to bet on the ultimate winner of UFC night, this site offers you a chance to make the most of its exciting odds on Woodley or Edwards. The big question everyone is asking right now is who will carry the day?

Well, depending on many factors, both Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards have equal chances of emerging victories. However, it is worth remembering each of the competitor’s boxing history may play significance on the big stage. Punters also have a chance of earning more by wagering on the UFC fig night using this link before the big day. For anyone who would like to keep tabs on unfolding events before the wrestling championship, there are a few things worth noting.

Leon Edward’s Chase for UFC Welterweight Title Continues

Anyone who has been following Ultimate Fight Championship knows that this year’s UFC fight night 170 could be a game-changer for Edward. He has been hoping to win the title for two years to no avail. But will he win against Woodley, a fighter who lost against the reigning champion Kamaru Usman in last year’s UFC235? There are many things at stake here.

Edward’s eight streak win with the only loss also coming against Kamaru Usman is not something to take for granted. Having also recorded a win in a recent encounter against Rafael dos Anjos, a lightweight UFC champion equally counts as an important step heading to O2 Arena. Something even more important is the fact that Edward is ranked fourth in contention for Welterweight title.

Tyron Woodley to Headline UFC170 But Does He Stand A Chance?

Tyron Woodley is set to headline UFC 170 fight night. Currently ranked top among contenders in the upcoming UFC, his participation in this event breathes life into one of the most anticipated fight-night in the UK boxing arena. The upcoming fight, pitting him against someone who wants to win the Welterweight title for the first time will undoubtedly play significance. Also taking note of the fact that Woodley has not participated in any serious boxing competition for close to a year, there is a lot at stake for the top contender.

Where to Buy UFC170 Tickets

Londoners can buy their tickets from the official website of the organizers or re-sale points. There are several ticketing options such as seating to offers for American Express cardholders. It is, however, noteworthy that VVIP champion experience, ultimate plus fan experience and VVIP fan experience tickets have been sold at out in most ticketing points. Other sold-out seats are super fan VIP experience. Anyone who would wish to attend is advised against buying tickets from unauthorized ticketing outlets.


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