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What to see on Netflix if you are bored

What to see on Netflix if you are bored


What to see on Netflix if you are bored

If you do not know what you’re looking for when you go to Netflix, here are a few tips to choose the best series to watch on Netflix. These are productions with a very good level, as well as enough inducements to get hooked throughout the afternoon. Ready? We’re going with the best series to watch on Netflix if you’re bored.

Let’s face it, there are many times that we put Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime and we do not know what to see. We go around, around and around the catalog of series and films, looking for something that ends boredom, but no luck.

However, there are very good series that are ideal to watch on Netflix when you are bored, and then we will tell you which are the best, which get hooked like few and end in a couple of days, ideal to see on a weekend.

In this compilation of series, we will put examples for all the users, from series suitable for lovers of the comedy to productions of animation, the action and those who want black humor in piles. Without further ado, these are the best series you can see if you’re bored.

The end of the f***ing world

It is one of the obligatory Netflix series. It is seen in an afternoon, literally, and although there is a confirmed second part since it has not been released, you can finish the series in one afternoon, and in one sitting.

It is one of the best series to watch on Netflix if you are bored and do not know what to watch since it has not been given too much hype and is one of those that we ” ventilate ” in a heartbeat.

He tells us the story of James, a young man who thinks he is a psychopath, and Alyssa, who also has trouble connecting with people. One day they take a road trip that will take them where they never expected to end.

They are 8 chapters and they are very, very good (and if you liked Skins, it’s your ” roll ”).

Russian doll

Russian Doll is one of the best short series of Netflix, and also one of those that you can see on an afternoon that you have free.

It has only eight episodes of about 20 minutes each, and they devour that it gives pleasure thanks both to the interpretation of Natasha Lyonne and to the premise itself. It is a production that ” stays at home ”, since the main actress is director and screenwriter, and the director herself also contributes to the script and production.

Tells us the life of Nadia Vulvokov. Well, more than life, a day of his life. She is trapped in a temporary loop in which she dies every day, waking up unharmed the next day and repeating the process over and over again.

It is impressive and intelligent, since the protagonist has very little time to discover what is happening to her, and in that margin, the, and, the writers play in a masterly way with the spectator.

Love, Death + Robots

Sees it. Death + Robots has just been released, and it is already one of the best series of 2019. It is, possibly, the best series to watch on Netflix if you are bored since it consists of 18 chapters of between 5 and 25 minutes long and all are independent.

These are short stories that have three common themes (love, death, and robots / strange things) and each story has a special animation. All are animated and there are from the photorealistic to the more traditional with rotoscoping techniques.

There is everything, great chapters and others that are not so much, some in which the action reigns, others black humor, others go more towards love … but they all have in common that they are great to see on Netflix if you are boring one afternoon.


Bodyguard has chapters of one hour, but as there are six, on a little productive afternoon we can see it from the pull. It’s a great series that, in fact, was a phenomenon on the BBC.

It tells the story of David Budd, a war veteran who has post-traumatic stress and is “reconverted” into police. Its mission is to protect Julia Montague, a policy that defends the ideals that Budd hates.

It may seem like the typical beginning of a comedy, but none of that is one of Netflix’s best-rated dramas.


And returning to the animation, but now more traditional, we have Castlevania. There are two seasons, but they are very, very short and from the best Netflix series to see if you are bored.

You do not need the previous context, the facts are explained perfectly and there is a lot of action. In addition, the story is quite interesting and the good thing is that the first season you liquidate in an hour and a half. If you do not like it, do not continue with the second one.


Glow has a bit of comedy, for different situations that he presents, but also for drama. It’s a 50-50, but 100% fun that tells us about the lives of 12 women, very different from each other, who one day coincide to record a female wrestling program.

It has those dyes of comedy and drama that we also see in Orange is the New Black (the creator of that series is Glow’s producer, in fact) and tells us about Ruth Wilder, an actress who can not find work and joins the cast of that Wrestling series.

She knows she is the best actress in the group and tries to prove it continuously, but what gets her into the series is a brutal fight between her and Debbie Eagan, her ex-friend.

It is, without doubt, one of the best series we can see on Netflix if we are bored since the chapters are about 25 minutes and there are only two seasons. In a way that we do not have too much to do, we’ll finish it.

We ended with a cynical series and a great sense of humor. The beginning is not the most brilliant in the world, but it is soon reformulated to hook the viewer like few others.

Tells us the life of June and Chloe. June is new in New York, and as soon as she moves out she is swindled … by her partner! However, he does not give up and gets friendship to flourish.

It is an interesting series because the personality of its protagonists is radically different and is very marked, although if you catch them affection, you should know that it was canceled after the second season (despite good audience data).

You know, these are the best series to watch on Netflix if you’re bored, a collection of short series that are seen in a flash both for its duration and for what they get hooked.


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