Broken tables, broken chairs, brutal battles with blood on the faces of brutal and strong athletes. The older generation, who caught the broadcast of this at the beginning of the 2000s, may remember this. Now everything has changed ñ wrestling has become less violent, but still deserving of attention. Players can watch wrestling and play slots at Triumph online casino†and also try another gambling stuff.

The†WWE†has a rich history (started back in 1979) and has something to be proud of. Therefore, sometimes, to raise the ratings, the management invites the stars of the early 2000s to come and show that “there is still gunpowder in their veins.” For example, Goldberg returned in the fall of 2016 after a 12-year hiatus and won the title in February. Of course, his fans†couldn‘t miss it.

Wrestling Is an Entertainment

Critics of wrestling are very fond of reproaching the show for being staged. Although the†WWE†has never claimed that everything is for real, and the fans have nothing against it. After all, you still don’t know the results in advance.

Wrestling is a TV show that can be watched live in the arena. New shows come out every week:

  • RAW (Monday);
  • Smackdown†(Tuesday);
  • WWENXT†(Wednesday);
  • 205 Live (Thursday).

And about every 3-4 weeks they organize a large-scale pay-per-view show. On weekly magazines, wrestlers develop the plot of confrontation with each other, and on larger shows, these conflicts reach a climax. But sometimes they do not end there either, but last until the main show of the year -†Wrestlemania, where it will certainly be decided who is stronger, cooler, smarter.

Marketing Fights in wrestling are just one of the components of the show, it is in the battles that in the end it will be decided who is right. But in fact, all the fun happens outside of these fights. Spectators are not interested in constant pointless battles, so†WWE†screenwriters figure out how to stir up interest in wrestling battles. It can be anything:

  • attempts to take the girl away;
  • disruption of the wedding (yes, weddings in the ring and it happens);
  • the desire to stop another athlete’s winning streak;
  • betrayal (the fights of former best friends are regularly spectacular);
  • the clash of the youngsters with the company’s legends.

Wrestling ñ Fake or Real Fight?

WWE†has never hidden the staging of wrestling. The show positions itself exclusively as an entertainment event. That means that the viewer comes first. Everything was created only for him. Wrestlers don’t have to play dirty to win, because they have everything planned.

Their task is to show the most interesting duel to the audience. In wrestling, you will not see long and boring fights, where opponents will take a very long time to select the moment to attack. Except, of course, situations where this is planned for the development of the character that the athlete is playing. But, in order not to spoil the viewer, the most spectacular fights are held according to special rules, and such fights do not happen on every show.

What Attracts Wrestling Bets?

Even though wrestling is 100% a staged sport (although some do not want to refer to it as a sport), it also has advantages for playing at bets. The main characteristics that are involved in predicting these theatrical battles are:

  • the ability to understand the logic of the writers and what they are leading to (this is better for those who have been following wrestling for years);
  • variability of bets on various aspects of the fight, especially at moments when there may be not two, but many more fighters in the ring.

The Main Types of Wrestling Bets

It is likely that in the homeland of wrestling, the variability of bets on these theatrical-sports confrontations is very high. In Great Britain, there is less attention to such battles, therefore, among the betting options, only a few stand out significantly:

  • a bet on winning a duel;
  • a bet on winning a tournament;
  • a bet on a loss in a duel;
  • a bet on losing a tournament;
  • type of victory;
  • the presence or absence of a knockout;
  • disqualification.

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