Since the creation of the Premier League and Sky TV, English football has changed beyond all recognition. Many clubs have changed hands – some on a number of occasions – and the boardrooms are no longer the domain of the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers of yesteryear, but are dominated by super rich millionaires and in some cases, billionaires.

Two of the Premier League’s most successful clubs in recent times have been Chelsea and Manchester City, both transformed by Roman Abramovich and the Abu Dhabi United Group respectively, while both Liverpool and Manchester United are in American ownership.

One of America’s richest men is WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who has amassed a vast fortune through professional wrestling, American football and property. Indeed, back in January, McMahon was estimated to be worth in the region of $2billion. Given McMahon’s wealth, and his interest in sport beyond professional wrestling, would he ever consider buying an English Premier League club?

McMahon revolutionised what was the WWF, leading the successful rebrand as the WWE, and the company’s subsequent resurgence. This helped him become one of the wealthiest men in the States.

The Premier League is one of the world’s most successful and recognisable brands, and is awash with TV money, while the UEFA Champions League also provides access to great riches for successful clubs. Vince McMahon is a businessman first and foremost, and you could imagine this being an extremely attractive proposition to him.

And you could also imagine him taking on an underachieving club with great potential, Newcastle United for example, and turning it around in much the same way he did with the WWF. McMahon is a big character, and you would imagine him being popular with supporters, particularly if the club became a success. And you can bet that he wouldn’t settle for second best.

But although the Premier League would seem an attractive business proposition in principle, the odds on Vince McMahon coming to England are probably pretty long, very long according to allvideoslots.

Although McMahon is a businessman, and sport is a big part of what he does, he’s an American businessman, and it’s there where his business and sporting interests will always lie. And he turns 76 this year, and a new venture on another continent is probably not going to move him at his time of life.

If any McMahon wealth is to find its way to an English football club, it will be a long time coming, and it will be unlikely to come via Vince.


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