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WWE talent has asked for his release “multiple times”


WWE talent has asked for his release “multiple times”

The WWE have been known for churning the wheel when it comes to the talent that they have on its roster, with a number of Superstars coming in and going out of the imaginary revolving door.

Indeed, we have seen a number of the biggest names in the entire professional wrestling industry come and go, with some leaving the WWE and going to AEW, whilst individuals like Cody Rhodes have even decided to come back after finding out the grass is not always greener.

Whilst many like to place bets on the action that happens inside the ring when using Casinos8888, there is no denying that it can be a rather tricky task getting who is being released next when it comes to the organisation.

As recently as last week, we saw a total of 10 people be released from NXT, and we would have expected Roderick Strong to have been one of the names to be on the list.

He is a talent that is ageing (38 years old) and does not appear to be fitting in with the developmental mould. Additionally, there does not appear to be much interest from the company in promoting him to the main brands, whilst they have also released the manager of his stable.

In fact, it seems that Roderick Strong has been asking for his release as he asked the WWE to let him out of his current contract with the company “multiple times” in the last few months, with a report from Fightful Select claiming.

It has been claimed that the company has continued to tell him that they have creative plans for him in place, although those are not quite known. Nonetheless, it does not appear as though Strong is too happy or convinced with them, as it has been claimed that he had turned down a name change that had been pitched to him.

There have to be a number of questions about why the WWE are continuing to keep him around and not release him from his contract, although all the evidence would have suggested that he was one of the names to be cut next.

The company has been dismantling most of the elements from the push he had, whilst he also saw the Cruiserweight title be phased out after he lost a unification match against Carmelo Hayes.

There will be some that will perhaps be expecting to see Strong be released in the near future, whilst some might actually expect him to be utilised in a storyline that will have some significance and give him and everyone what they want to see from him.

Nonetheless, it will certainly be interesting to see what does play out over the next couple of weeks and months.

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