As soon as AEW came to the professional wrestling scene, the WWE should have always known that their position as the number one brand would be under threat.

The WWE might actually argue that they are a ‘Sports Entertainment’ company now, but deep down, everyone knows that they will want to remain at the pinnacle of professional wrestling.

Nonetheless, it would seem the rivalry between the two promotions is only set to further intensify if the past month or so is anything to go by, which could provide bettors with some great opportunities at the top sportsbooks available, according to information from sportskokladenje24.

AEW kicked things off with a returning CM Punk in his hometown of Chicago to a rapturous reception and one that was befitting of the wrestler as so many had continued to call for his return after leaving the WWE in acrimonious circumstances in 2014.

He produced a number of impressive promos whilst on the mic, with his ‘Pipebomb’ in 2011 a true piece of art and history, and he appeared to make some references to it on his debut appearance for his new promotion, seemingly throwing shade at the WWE for his time with them as he claimed he “left professional wrestling on August 13, 2005, and returned on August 20, 2021”.

However, not to be outdone by a rival and lose their place within the rankings, as well as potential audiences, the WWE had decided that SummerSlam would be their perfect opportunity to throw a few curveballs and shock many with their own arrivals.

Of course, Becky Lynch made her shocking return after giving birth to her and Seth Rollins’ child after 15 months away and squashed Bianca Belair for her fourth SmackDown Women’s Championship inside 30 seconds; turning heel in the process.

However, the biggest pop of the night was following the conclusion of Roman Reigns’ and John Cena’s battle for the WWE Universal Championship. It was never a surprise to see Reigns be crowned victorious given Cena’s Hollywood commitments, but the arrival of Brock Lesnar took everyone by surprise.

Sporting a new look with a beard and a top-knot hairstyle and appearing as a face character, Lesnar’s music went off that send the full-capacity crowd into meltdown. They witnessed the ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ walk to the ring and essentially send Reigns a statement, whilst Heyman looked as though he had seen a ghost; perhaps because he now needs to pick a side.

Whilst it would seem that the two promotions are going at each other by trying to outdo one another with the talent, there is no doubt that what they are doing is great for the professional wrestling business and giving it a boost that is needed.

Oh, don’t forget, Daniel Bryan seems set to join AEW as well…


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