The European Football Championship has ended, and it brought us many unexpected results. However, this doesn’t mean that interesting matches ended there. You can look at the livescore today result football on the sports statistics website. Only relevant information from all over the world is presented here.

As for the Euro 2020, the Polish national team is one of the biggest disappointments of the tournament. The team’s group wasn’t the most difficult, and its rivals were:

  • Slovakia;
  • Sweden;

Yes, there were no boring matches, but there is only one clear favorite. Therefore, looking at the livescore results of today’s football, many fans of the Polish national team simply couldn’t believe that their favorites did not manage to make it to the playoffs.

As further events showed, the defeat by Slovakia in the first round was decisive for the team. After that, Poland’s chances dropped dramatically. Yes, the team looked quite decent, and it tried to cling to the victory in the game with the Swedes in the match of the last round, but in the end, everything turned out against Lewandowski and company. By the way, Robert himself had a good tournament. He scored 3 goals – all goals of his team in the championship.

Euro 2020 table of the tournament

You can easily follow the further successes of Poland on the website of sports statistics. The Euro 2020 table was presented here too. Unfortunately, the Poles took the last place in their quartet. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be considered in the selection for the upcoming world championship. Poland has a fairly good selection of players in each of the lines. In addition, there are promising young players who may well replace the established leaders.

But the finished continental forum was probably the last in the careers of a whole bunch of football players. Krychowiak, Szczęsny and Lewandowski are well over 30. Will they be in the right shape in 3 years? We will find out the answer to this question only after some time.

In the meantime, the immediate goal for Poland is to make it to the 2022 World Cup. This is quite difficult, since the qualifying group, which the team got into, looks very strong. If the Poles really expect to break through the world championship, they need to start showing their best already in the next games.

Otherwise, the team can be in the last position, as in the case of the Euro 2020 table.

You can always easily follow the successes and failures of this team on the sports statistics website, where relevant information is available. Go to this site, and you will surely find out the latest data.


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