Last month Wrestling Culture took a look at which five footballers would make great WWE wrestlers, which was a bit of an oddity, but provided a bit of a chuckle. In a similar vein, I thought it’d be interesting to turn that concept on its head and have a look at which WWE wrestlers would make great footballers. You can only imagine the odds being offered by for this to actually happen!

#1 – John Cena

Cena is an all-time WWE great, and is a definite future Hall of Famer, but he also divides opinion; WWE fans either love Cena or they hate him. But what you get from him is 100%, Cena never gives up. He’d make a great midfield player, the one that does the hard yards, breaks the play up, and sacrifices himself for the team. Cena would be loved by the manager, and be possible captain material. John Cena would be a fans favourite and a one-club man.

#2 – Triple H

As with John Cena, Triple H is a WWE legend and another future Hall of Famer, and a five-time World Heavyweight Champion, and nine-time WWE Champion. Triple H is a machine that puts his body on the line, and he’d be the explosive striker that held the ball up and brought his teammates in with intelligent link-up play, but with a penchant for spectacular goals. This and his over-the-top celebrations would see him loved by the fans, but get into trouble with the footballing authorities.

#3 – Sheamus

Sheamus has been a popular and successful wrestler in his fifteen years with the WWE, drawing on his Celtic heritage. Sheamus would be an Irish international forward, known for his hard work, and his occasional spectacular right-foot volleys, some of which are goal of the season contenders. He would be a solid mid-table performer, but would never quite reach the heights that would see him win the big prizes on a regular basis.

#4 – Rey Mysterio

Little Rey – Mr 619 – is much-loved by the WWE universe for his flair and his big heart, a combination that would also go down particularly well with football crowds. I see Mysterio as a tricky and clever winger with a powerful engine, and an eye for goal. But he’d be much more than just a show-pony, he’d also be a great team player.

#5 – The Big Show

The WWE loves a big man, and the Big Show is one of the biggest that the WWE universe has ever seen. Standing at 7 feet tall and weighing in at 500lbs, the Big Show is a man mountain. And he’d make an awesome and terrifying centre-half. Although not renowned for his pace and movement, the Big Show’s positional sense and sheer strength and power would make him the ideal defender, particularly when playing alongside a more mobile, ball-playing player.


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