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2017-2018: Which Wrestling promotion produces the best matches?


2017-2018: Which Wrestling promotion produces the best matches?

2017-2018 Statistics: Which Wrestling promotion produces the best matches?

As we already know with these first statistics, the NJPW easily dominates the data, and therefore the monthly selections.

Stat ‘most representative of this trend, it is clearly the most cited promotion in the last twelve months of the chronicle with 44% of “market share” if I may say. It must be admitted that it covers a lot more ground between his multiple tournaments (BOSJ, New-Japan Cup and of course the G1 Climax), their many titles, their multiple shows and especially a super roster – without talking about the quality, almost irreproachable, his “booking”. The New-Japan has, moreover, released heavy artillery in 2017-2018. there are already future classics as the series of matches between Okada and Kenny Omega,

Far behind, we find at the head of the rest of the pack, with 10% representation, the roster “alternative” WWE NXT. More so this season than before, NXT has become the perfect place to gather some of the best wrestlers on the international independent circuit and produce some of the best matches of the year for the WWE, combining great rivalries and in-ring capabilities of top level: the evidence with Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream or Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa more recently.

However, we must not forget small promotions but with important matches like Wrestle-1 (I think of Ashino vs. Kuroshio for the major title), Lucha Underground (with killshot vs. Dante Fox at Ultima Lucha Tres ).


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