In an exciting turn of events, the Aussie Open has thrown down a challenge to FTR for AEW WrestleDream. The gauntlet was laid down during tonight’s episode of AEW Collision and it didn’t take long for FTR to respond. Embracing their competitive spirit, they accepted the challenge later in the night.

This thrilling development has stirred up anticipation among fans as they look forward to this face-off at WrestleDream. This event is set to light up the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington on October 1st.

The news of this upcoming match between Aussie Open and FTR at AEW WrestleDream adds another layer of excitement to what already promises to be an electrifying lineup. Wrestling enthusiasts around the world eagerly await what could potentially be one of the most memorable matches in recent history.

AEW continues its tradition of delivering high-octane wrestling entertainment with these top-tier talents facing off against each other. With both teams known for their impressive skills inside the ring, spectators are guaranteed a show that will keep them on edge from start till finish.

Fans can expect nothing but relentless action when these two teams collide head-on at WrestleDream. Both Aussie Open and FTR have proven time and again why they’re considered some of best athletes in professional wrestling today – making this match an absolute must-see!

As we inch closer towards October 1st, speculation is rife about who will come out on top when these titans clash under bright lights before roaring crowds 🏟️

Will it be Aussie Open who manage to overpower their opponents? Or will it be FTR demonstrating once more why they’ve become such formidable figures within wrestling?

No matter which team emerges victorious from this epic battle, there’s no doubt that every moment leading up until then – from training sessions behind closed doors right through till final bell rings – is going ensure that fans are given exactly what they crave: non-stop wrestling action at its very best.

With the stage set for an unforgettable showdown, all eyes now turn to Climate Pledge Arena as fans wait with bated breath. The countdown has begun and anticipation is reaching fever pitch. This is one event that no wrestling fan can afford to miss.


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