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AEW All Out Review: 31 August, 2019

All Out


AEW All Out Review: 31 August, 2019

The pre-show started with a Casino Battle Royale of the Women. The winner of this would get a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship. The first champion will be decided on the first weekly episode when AEW will move to TNT. At the end of the match, just Nyla Rose, Bea Priestley and Dr Britt Baker who was before the match among the favourites to win this match.

However, Baker was able to eliminate Priestley while Rose was lying on the floor because of a Suplex. The eliminated Priestley stood outside the ring and reached up to hold Baker’s arm. This allowed Rose to dump Baker over the top rope and get the victory. Even though Rose received some help from Priestley at the end, until then she showed off her incredible strength to look good heading into the title match. It was also declared that she would face the winner of the match between Riho and Hakaru Shida which took place later that night.

Next up was the fight between Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) and Angelico and Jack Evans. As you would expect, we saw a lot of high flying and cool stuff. After some time, Angelico and Evans wanted to finish the match and both went onto the turnbuckles, but both were cut off by Private Party. Quen performed a Poison Rana on Evans from the middle rope and directly followed Kassidy hit Evans with another Poison Rana. These moves showed the great talent of Evans. After that Quen performed a Huracanrana on Angelico from the ropes and Kassidy caught him with a Cutter and pinned him for the win. After the match was over, Angelico and Evans raised the hands of Private Party to attack them just seconds later from behind. This was likely a quite clever move as Evans and Angelico have floundered a little bit since joining AEW.

After that match, the pre-show was over and the PPV All Out started. They kicked things off with the match between SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) and the team of Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt. Jungle Boy and Stunt mainly used their quickness and agility to stand a chance against their opponents. There were also some cool combinations with Luchasaurus like a dive by Stunt off Luchasaurus’ shoulders.

In the end, Kazarian held up Stunt and Jungle Boy. Daniels hit the BME on both opponents and then pinned Jungle Boy for the win. After the match ended, all six men stood in the ring, raised each other’s hands and showed some respect.

Next up was the match between Kenny Omega and Pac who substituted Jon Moxley who couldn’t compete. As you would expect from two such great in-ring performers, the match was on awesome with a lot of hard but perfectly executed moves. The match went around 20 minutes when Omega put Pac on his shoulders to deliver another move and finish him off. Pac was able to counter into his Brutalizer hold which took Omega out and so Pac won the match due to submission. It’s questionable what will happen next for Pac since he is also signed to Dragon Gate while we’ll hopefully see the match between Omega and Moxley as soon as the weekly episodes begin.

The next match promised to be very hard and entertaining and that’s exactly what we got. It was a three-way match between Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc and Darby Allin. In the beginning, Janela held Havoc on a chair at ringside and Allin taped him to that chair. Allin took tacks and put them in the mouth of Havoc. Also, Janela taped Havoc’s mouth shut to ensure that the tacks stay in there. Then Janela and Allin brought the fight to each other. A few moments later, Allin went up to the turnbuckles to deliver a flip onto Havoc and the chair. After that, it was an incredible match with several crazy moments. Allin once more delivered incredible high-flying moves and in general an outstanding performance.

After more than 10 minutes he placed Havoc on the ring steps and went to the top rope to perform his finisher called Coffin Drop with the barrel. Havoc moved out of the way and so Allin landed on the steps and the barrel exploded. This completely took him out and so it was clear that the winner would be now declared between Janela and Havoc. After some moves, Havoc performed an Acid Rainmaker through another barrel and then pinned Janela for the win. This match was outstanding with a great finish and once more showed the incredible abilities of all three performers.

Next up was the match The Dark Order vs Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta). The winner would get a bye in the first round in the AEW Tag Title tournament. The masked men who worship the leader of the Dark Order, Evil Uno, took Taylor out after some time and so Barreta stood no chance in the two against one situation. The Dark Order hit their finisher and pinned Barreta to defeat the Best Friends. After the match was over, the winners continued to attack Taylor and Barreta but suddenly the lights went out. When they turned back on, Orange Cassidy stood in the middle of the ring with his hands in his pockets. He made a dive to take out the Dark Order and then hugged the Best Friends. And during the whole segment, he kept his hands in his pockets.

After that, the already mentioned match between Riho and Hakaru Shida took place to declare the opponent for Nayla Rose to fight for the AEW Women’s Championship. Riho was able to get away with the win and after the match, Rose came out, grinned and pointed at Riho. It’s clear to say that Rose is the clear favourite ahead of the title match.

Next was the highly awaited match, Cody vs Shawn Spears. The feud began when Spears attacked Cody with a chair at Fyter Fest which took place about two months ago. Spears had Tully Blanchard in his corner while MJF was at ringside to support Cody. Both tried several times to interfere.

After some time, Arn Anderson walked down the stage and hit Spears with a Spinebuster. And then headed backstage. Blanchard acted shocked, followed him up the stage and then went into the opposite entrance tunnel.

After that, they created the situation in which Spears was on his knees in the ring and Cody held a chair in his hand. However, he threw the chair on the floor, delivered some fists to Spears, picked up the chair once more and threw it to Spears who caught it. Cody delivered a Disaster Kick and directly after that performed his Cross Rhodes to score a clean pin.

After the pinfall, MJF entered the ring, picked up the chair and looked at Cody. This would’ve been the perfect time for MJF’s turn on Cody. However, he threw it aside and hugged Cody to then celebrate together this great victory and incredibly worked match.

Next was the best match of this event between The Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks for the AAA Tag Titles in a ladder match. The match was as you would expect extremely crazy and had several amazing spots. For example, Pentagon Jr. performed a Canadian Destroyer from the ladder that drove Matt through the table and the crowd popped like crazy.

All four showed, as usual, incredible performances and showed great moves but also took serious bumps. In the end, Pentagon Jr. held up Matt while standing on the ladder which was draped over the ring and barricade. Fenix came down from the top rope with a double stomp into the Pentagon Driver. Seconds before that Nick went through a table and so both Jackson’s were out and the Lucha Brothers had the time to climb a ladder and grab the belts.

When the match ended, two men wearing masks and covered from head to toe entered the ring. They attacked both teams and then masked pulled their masks off to reveal themselves as Santana and Ortiz, the former LAX in Impact Wrestling.

The last match of the evening was the clash between Chris Jericho and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page. The big question was who would become the first AEW Champion. Y2J dominated the early stages of the match but, after about 15 minutes, Page hit him with an elbow and Jericho started to bleed. From there on both superstars had the chance to win the match. The Hangman hit the Deadeye and covered his opponent but Y2J was able to kick out.

Page went once again for the Deadeye, but Jericho slipped away and went for a backslide which Page avoided. However, Jericho was able to hit him with his Judas Elbow and pinned him to secure the win meaning Y2J is the first-ever AEW Champion.

This makes sense since Jericho is the bigger name and can help to generate more attention when the weekly episodes on TNT start. However, Page showed that you have to count him to be, possibly, the most talented men on AEW’s roster.

The next big PPV will be Full Gear on November 9. Considering this, there will be about a month between the first weekly episode on TNT and the first PPV, and so enough time to create and develop great storylines.


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