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AEW Dynamite Review: November 27, 2019


AEW Dynamite Review: November 27, 2019

AEW Dynamite Review: 27 November, 2019 by Felix Pichler

Chris Jericho’s party

The show opened with Soul Train Jones in the ring and everything was set up for Jericho’s party. Then, the AEW Champion made his entrance after Jones has had introduced him. The crowd chanted “thank you”, but Jericho just told them to sit down and shut up – pure class. He said he wanted to hear the thank you from the AEW Management and the officials of TNT.

The champion was holding a bottle of champagne which is called “Jericho’s little bit of the bubbly”. He then brought out Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz. Guevara presented Y2J a cardboard stand of himself and Jericho hugging one another. Then, they made the exact same pose in front of it. Santana and Ortiz gave him several little gifts and inducted him as an official Puerto Rican.

Jericho asked where Jake Hager would be. He was standing in the crowd with a goat which clearly didn’t want to go in front of the loud audience, so Hager came alone. However, he said it would be a female goat which he called Chris Jerigoat.

However, then they released the greatest gift as Jericho’s dad was in a giant box. He received boos as he thought that they would be in New York and as Jericho reminded him that they would be in Chicago, he said that the Blackhawks always have been wimps.

Then, Jericho’s dad gave them all custom Rangers jerseys, which got the crowd fired up even more and after that Jericho held an official statement from AEW and TNT in his hand. He forced ring announcer Justin Roberts to read the thank you statement, but Y2J didn’t like his tone and due to that he slapped him. The Inner Circle began to beat up Roberts, but then SCU who were dressed like the marching band which was on the ramp attacked them and made the save.

Opinion: A really funny opening segment in which Jericho once more showed all of his class at the mic. Besides, a good set-up for the main event between Scorpio Sky and Jericho.

Rating: A+


“Best Friends” Trent and Chuck (w/ Orange Cassidy in a turkey suit) vs. “Lucha Bros” Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

This match was entertaining, and Cassidy also got involved in his turkey costume. In the end, surprisingly the Best Friends got away with the victory as Trent countered a Sunset Flip by Fenix into a Crunchy for the win.

Opinion: A huge surprise as the Lucha Bros were ahead of this match in the first position of the rankings. However, good to see the Best Friends picking up some momentum even though it was a bit weird that they would win against such great performers like Fenix and Pentagon.

Rating: B+


Bea Priestley and Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander

Ahead of this match, they mentioned that Shida would be on the top of the women’s ranking. Anyways, the match took almost nine minutes and in the end, it was Sakura who hit Statlander with her mic stand and then pinned her for the win.

After that, we saw a little backstage promo of Jon Moxley. He referred to himself as a wildfire which burns down the countryside. He said that he would get anybody at some point but wondered if they would want to get him first.

Opinion: The women’s match was really bad as you had the feeling that these four women wouldn’t feel comfortable working together.  Besides, this outcome will once more influence the rankings and just no woman looks at the moment dangerous enough to go after the title of Riho who also doesn’t get any TV time at the moment.

The promo of Moxley was typical for him, but nothing too outstanding.

Rating: D+


Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Knicks

They shook hands before the match and after about one minute Cody applied the Figure Four for the submission win. After the match, he grabbed a mic and talked about MJF. However, suddenly the Butcher and the Blade came out through a hole in the ring mat and attacked him from behind. In the end, also the Bunny was brought through the ring, but the crowd didn’t really react.

Opinion: Nothing special to say about this whole segment. No big win and also the debut of the Butcher and the Blade didn’t hype up the crowd. It felt like it should be something big as they attacked Cody, but it didn’t work off.

Rating: C


Kenny Omega vs. “The Bastard” Pac

Since Pac was ahead of this match in the first place in the men’s ranking it was clear that he would go for the title if he wins this match. However, after about 12 minutes Omega rolled him up with a crucifix for the win.

Opinion: The match itself was good and the finish is the right one to have a third match between these two, but somehow I wanted to see a submission win or a pinfall after the One Winged Angel to let Omega look stronger.  Pac forced Omega to fade away due to the Brutalizer at All Out, so why don’t give Omega such a win here.

Rating: B-


Adam “Hangman” Page vs. MJF (w/ Wardlow)

After about six minutes it looked like Page would get the win as he hit MJF with Buckshot Lariat, but Wardlow put MJF’s feet on the rope to break up the pin. The Hangman protested and wanted to talk trash towards Wardlow who gave him a right hand followed by a CrossRhodes by MJF for the win.

After the match, DDP came out and entered the ring to present the first Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF. DDP noted MJF showed tonight some very disappointing actions, “but tonight, you’re the man,” he said and offered MJF a handshake. However “the face of AEW” just put his chewing gum into DDP’s hand and as Page wanted to get his hands on MJF, Wardlow stepped up. However, AEW officials had to come out and clear the situation.

Opinion: MJF continues to work as the best heel on AEW besides Jericho. The move with the chewing gum was excellent and it seems as it was the right choice to use Wardlow as the big men behind MJF. The match was also solid, but MJF’s CrossRhodes was just horrible. If he wants to use this from now on as his finisher, he needs to work a lot on it.

Rating: C+


Dustin Rhodes’ promo

Dustin made his entrance and got interviewed in the ring by Jenn Decker. He said that Jake broke his arm and added that Hager wasn’t the same man he used to be. However, suddenly Santana, Ortiz, and Guevara attacked Rhodes. Matt and Nick Jackson came out to help Dustin fight off the Inner Circle and then they announced six-man tag team match between these six men for next week.

Opinion: Nothing too much to say about this segment. It was just a matter of time until we would get this tag team match.

Rating: C+


Chris Jericho (C.) vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW Championship

Then it was finally time for the main event for which we were all waiting. The interesting thing was that everybody was banned from ringside. So, Hager and the other members of SCU weren’t at the ring.

This match took about 12 minutes and it was clear that at some point we would see Hager at ringside. However, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian also came out to fight him off. We had several good near falls in that match and Sky even countered the Judas Effect. However, in the end, he was in the middle of the ring and Jericho had him in the Liontamer for the submission victory.

After the match, Y2J celebrated and then once more applied the Liontamer. Moxley’s music hit and we saw him in the crowd. The AEW Champion broke the hold and he and Moxley stared each other as the show closed.

Opinion: Sky proved that he has what it needs to be a singles wrestler. A solid match from both men and besides we also know who will be the next in the line for the AEW Championship. We already saw a feud between Moxley and Jericho in WWE, but this time both men have different characters and according to Jericho they have more freedom in AEW. Due to that, this could be a hell of a rivalry.

Rating: B+



The clear highlight of this episode was that we have the first segment for the build-up for the championship match between Jericho and Moxley. We had several other good matches that week, but I have to mention it week in and week out: the women’s division is still horrible. When the weekly episodes began, that was logical since we hadn’t any build-up of characters. However, that didn’t change at all until now and in this episode, we had a weak women’s match and didn’t see the AEW Women’s Champion Riho. That needs to change.

Rating: B-


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