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AEW Dynamite Review: October 16, 2019


AEW Dynamite Review: October 16, 2019

At the start of the show, SCU made their entrance. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels went down the ramp, but before they reached the ring, they got attacked from behind by the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon Jr. hit Daniels with a Piledriver on the ramp and then Scorpio Sky came out to get rid of Fenix and Penagon Jr. as then Daniels got brought away from the medical staff. Sky replaced him in their match against the Best Friends which is part of the tag team tournament.

Even though the Best Friends had several good spots and chances to win the match, in the end, SCU was able to get away with the victory and went through to the next round. The finish was not perfectly worked since Sky came a bit late when Kazarian performed the Powerbomb and he missed a bit the following Dropkick. Anyways, the rest of the match was good and SCU is currently way more over than the Best Friend, so it’s logical to let them advance in this tournament.

Next up was the match between the team of Santana and Ortiz who took on Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Santana and Ortiz dominated that match and got the win after about two minutes as they performed the Street Sweeper. As they made their way back to the ring, Chris Jericho appeared on the tron to hold a little backstage promo. He said that Santana and Ortiz are as dangerous as he has announced in the past and then challenged the Young Bucks for a match at Full Gear on behalf of Ortiz and Santana.

Then a video package got aired in which it was about Cody’s desire to win the AEW Championship and how hard it is for him to be VP and wrestler at the same time. MJF and Brandi Rhodes, for example, also appeared in these videos which once more perfectly showed Cody as a babyface.

Next was the match between Britt Baker and Riho for the AEW Women’s Championship which didn’t even take 10 minutes. In the finishing phase of the fight, Baker tried to apply the Lockjaw, but Riho was able to counter into a pin and get the win to defend the title. After the match, the two women shook hands and nothing else happened. So, at the moment we don’t know who the next challenger for Riho will be.

Since Luchasauras was unable to compete due to an injury, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt fought versus the Lucha Brothers in the next match of the tag team tournament. In the opening phase, the Jurrasic Express was able to keep up with their opponents and had some good spots, but then Fenix and Pentagon Jr. dominated the match. In the end, they performed their tag team finisher to get the win. Maybe the match would have looked completely different with Luchasaurus in it since after some time the Lucha Brothers easily fought off Stunt due to his size.

Next, John Moxley and Pac teamed up to fight against the team of Kenny Omega and Adam “Hangman” Page. This match promised a lot since there were four big names in it. In the final stages, Moxley and Omega were at ringside and grabbed the weapons from last week which were under the ring. Omega had the barbed wired broom while Moxley had the bat which had also barbed wire wrapped around it.

Then the two men met in the centre of the ring and Moxley hit Omega with the handle of his bat, but the referee didn’t call for the DQ since Moxley sent him to the outside just moments before. Instead, Pac entered the ring and threw away the weapons to avoid a DQ what was a bit strange. Pac told his partner to use his head, but Moxley hit him with the Paradigm Shift DDT and left the arena. Then it was a two on one situation and so Omega and Page were able to easily get the win. After that, they also announced a match between Pac and Moxley for next week in which surely Omega will also be seen. In light of this, we already have for next week another interesting match officially confirmed.

After that, the main event of this show took place as Chris Jericho had to defend the AEW Championship against Darby Allin in a Philadelphia Street Fight. In the first minutes of the fight, both men had their chances and worked well together. However, then Jericho took some tape from ringside and tied up Allin’s wrists behind his back. From there on the match had a completely different dynamic. Allin still performed incredible moves, for example, a dive to the outside, great kicks and also a Moonsault, but Jericho kicked several times out of the pin. The also worked throughout the match with kendo sticks, chairs and Allin’s skateboard on which he got powerbombed by Y2J. As then Allin once more climbed to the top rope while Jericho was down, suddenly Jake Hager came out to knock him down. This allowed Jericho to apply the Boston Crab which looked extremely painful and in the light of this, Allin had to give up.

After the match, the rest of the Inner Circle came out to celebrate together with Jericho and Hager. It was clear that anyone of this new stable would help Jericho since it was a match without DQ. However, Allin was able to show his incredible ability especially when he had his hands taped behind his back. So, a good main event and a great show with several great matches. AEW really delivers until now every week and hopefully, they can continue like this.


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