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AEW Full Gear Review: November 9, 2019


AEW Full Gear Review: November 9, 2019

Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley

This match was part of the kickoff-show and it took Baker about 11 minutes to get the win via submission as she applied the Lockjaw. However, after the match, Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes came out to attack Priestley and also cut off some of her hair. A decent match and interesting post-match angle for the “Buy-In”.

Opinion: Both women are great in the ring and showed it once more. However, it’s questionable if Baker will get another title shot due to that win. Besides, I’m curious how they will work with this post-match attack in the following episode of AEW Dynamite since until now the women haven’t received that much time and attention.

Rating: B


“Proud-n-Powerful” Santana and Ortiz vs. The Young Bucks

In general, it was surely a good choice to start the PPV with this match since it contained a lot of action. Besides, the match took more than 20 minutes, and so both teams had enough time to show several near falls and perform incredible moves. In the end, Santana and Ortiz hit Nick Jackson with the Street Sweeper for the win.

After the match, Sammy Guevara came out to celebrate with Santana and Ortiz, then they continued their assault on the Young Bucks. Then, the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express”, who were in the crowd during the whole match, also got involved. Morton hit Santana with a Canadian Destroyer and then also performed a Suicide Dive on Proud-n-Powerful what was absolutely outstanding. In the end, the Bucks and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express celebrated together in the ring.

Opinion: The Young Bucks just never fail to entertain the viewers and their opponents also worked well throughout the match. Good to give the win to the heels, so they can get more heat while this loss doesn’t hurt Matt and Nick at all. The post-match segment was just outstanding too.

Rating: B+


Adam “Hangman” Page vs. Pac

These two men also received a lot of time to work together as the match took almost 20 minutes. In the final phase, Pac wanted to hit his opponent with a low blow, what the ref wouldn’t have seen, but Page was able to block it. This gave the Hangman the chance to perform several moves and then the Deadeye for the win.

Opinion: A decent match, but nothing that outstanding. Pac dominated the most time of this match, but it’s good to give the victory to Page who needs it more. Pac looks due to his victory over Kenny Omega, for example, already dangerous enough.

Rating: B-


Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)  vs. Joey Janela

As you would expect, Blanchard got involved to help Spears picking up the win. Spears removed the turnbuckle pad while the referee was distracted by Blanchard. As the ref put it back on, Spears set Janela up for the Piledriver at the ringside and Blanchard spiked it by jumping from the steps. After that, “the Chairman” brought Janela back into the ring where he performed the Death Valley Driver for the win.

Opinion: Spears hasn’t received that much attention since his loss to Cody. Due to that, it was the right decision to hand the victory to him. The ending was typical for a heel and considering this, we saw where they want to go with him. However, the match itself wasn’t that entertaining.

Rating: C


AEW Tag Team Champions SCU vs. The Lucha Bros vs. The Private Party

Even though we saw some unclean moves during the opening stage of the match, it became better and better with the time. We saw the high-flying moves which are usual for the Lucha Bros as well as for the Private Party. Frankie Kazarian’s performance was for me not on his typical level while his teammate Scorpio Sky was once more great. In the end, they were able to perform the SCU for the win and retained their titles.

After the fight, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix attacked SCU. Suddenly, the lights went out and as they turned back on, we saw a second person in the ring who was dressed like Pentagon Jr. Both made the Cero Miedo hand gesture and then the “fake” Pentago attacked the real one and then executed an Angel’s Wings Suplex on Fenix and threw him onto Pentagon. He then unmasked himself and we saw that it was Christopher Daniels

Opinion: The match disappointed me during the opening stage, but after some time we got to see the match which we expected with several great spots and high-flying stuff. It was just the logical step that SCU defended their titles and the angle after the match was just perfect as Daniels took revenge for the Lucha Bro’s attack a few weeks ago on AEW Dynamite.

Rating: B


AEW Women’s World Champion Riho vs. Emi Sakura

The match took about 13 minutes and was really decent. However, the crowd didn’t show that much interest and considering this, it felt not that thrilling. In the end, Riho was able to defend her AEW Women’s Championship after a roll-up.

Opinion: Since this match had almost no build-up, I wasn’t hyped at all. The performance of both women was solid, but since they haven’t got any real characters yet, the viewers aren’t sure what they should expect from these superstars. So do I. Riho is great and has a lot of potential, but they need to work more on her character since we now all know that she can work good matches.

Rating: B


AEW World Champion Chris Jericho (w/ Jake Hager) vs. Cody (w/ MJF)

This match took almost half an hour and contained a lot of different spots. After about eight minutes, Cody performed a dive to the outside, but Jericho went out of the way. Due to that “the American Nightmare” went headfirst into the ramp which was almost on the same height as the ring. He started bleeding on his forehead and a trainer came out to treat him. After that, the match went on and Jericho attacked this wound above the eye several times throughout the match.

We also saw Cody’s mum several times who was at ringside. In one situation, Jericho approached her, but she just slapped him in the face. Throughout the whole match, Hager got involved several times why the ref banned him from ringside after some time. So, MJF was the only person at ringside.

After about 29 minutes, Jericho applied the Liontamer and stomped on the head of Cody. The lock looked extremely painful. MJF threw a white towel into the ring to end the match. The fans booed and Jericho celebrated the defence of his title together with his Inner Circle members on the stage.

MJF said several times that he was sorry while Cody looked disappointed. MJF even went on his knees. Cody approached him and pulled him up to his feet. Everyone expected the American Nightmare to turn on him, however, he showed that he would forgive MJF. Suddenly, MJF gave Cody a low blow and smiled as a loud “asshole” chant broke out. MJF shouted several times at Cody, then he left the ring and went up the ramp where a fan threw a drink at him. However, he perfectly no-sold it and smiled.

Opinion: The match itself was a bit slow at the start, but also got better and better, same as the match for the tag team titles. In general, I’m happy that Jericho is still the champ, but the stipulation that Cody won’t be able to ever challenge for the AEW World Championship again gives me a bad feeling (but there’s still the option that the champ challenges him). The turn of MJF came early, but I think it’s the right decision since he’s probably the best heel of the whole company while Cody is the greatest babyface. So, this feud could be a huge push for MJF.

Rating: A-


Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley in a Lights Out Match

Then it was time for the highlight of this show. Moxley said in his promo ahead of this match that he would deliver a type of violence that hasn’t been seen in the U.S. in years. And they didn’t disappoint at all. The match took almost 40 minutes and was absolutely crazy. We had their barb-wired weapons, they went through a table, worked with a big chain, brawled in the crowd, used broken glass, a screwdriver and other crazy stuff. After some time, Moxley suplexed Omega on a bed of barbwire and after that, both men went through a Full Gear sign which was made out of glass as Omega hit his opponent with a V-Trigger.

None of this stuff was enough as both men had several near falls, but no three count. In the end, Moxley pulled the canvas and padding off the ring to reveal the wood boards. Omega even hit Moxley with a DDT on the wood, but Moxley kicked out at two. Just a few moments later, Moxley performed the Paradigm Shift for the win. After the match, the Young Bucks and a trainer checked on Omega and then the show closed as we saw Moxley how talked to the camera.

Opinion: An incredible match and even more brutal than I expected. Personally, it was too much. There are surely fans who loved this match, but also several people who think the same way as I do. It was just too much and too brutal. Of course, we won’t get that extreme matches regularly, but I think they lost with that match some viewers since surely some parents don’t want their kids to see such matches.

Rating: C



This PPV was good but not as outstanding as I expected it to be. However, especially the turn of MJF was interesting and my personal highlight of the show. The last match between Moxley and Omega everyone needs to rate for himself as it was something unique. Besides, I really worry about the women’s division of AEW. They need to build real characters to make it more interesting.

Rating: B-


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