Alex Shelley Reveals Star Who Is Going To Be The Future Of Impact Wrestling 🌟

In a recent interview, wrestling veteran Alex Shelley shared his thoughts on the future of Impact Wrestling and revealed an emerging star who he believes will play a significant role in shaping the company’s destiny. Speaking to Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, Shelley expressed high praise for Trey Miguel.

Shelley himself is no stranger to success in the wrestling world. With an impressive career spanning many years, he has established himself as one of the industry’s most respected athletes. Now teaming up with Chris Sabin, Shelley is set to challenge Miguel and Zachary Wentz for the coveted Tag Team Championships at Victory Road this weekend.

However, it was not only about their upcoming match that captured attention during the interview. Shelley also dropped a bombshell by revealing his belief that Trey Miguel possesses all the qualities necessary to become a future superstar within Impact Wrestling.

The anticipation surrounding this revelation has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. Fans are eagerly awaiting Miguel’s rise through the ranks and keeping a close eye on his progress as he pursues greatness within Impact Wrestling.

But it doesn’t end there; Alex Shelley isn’t content with just competing against Miguel – he is also set to defend his World Title against him at an upcoming episode of Impact 1000 TV tapings. This clash between two talented wrestlers promises to be nothing short of spectacular, showcasing their skills and determination in pursuit of championship glory.

Shelley emphasized how impressed he has been by Trey Miguel’s work ethic and dedication both inside and outside of the ring. He spoke highly of Miguel’s commitment to honing his craft, constantly seeking improvement while pushing boundaries along the way.

As fans speculate about what lies ahead for these two competitors, one thing remains certain: Alex Shelley sees immense potential in Trey Miguel. The stage is now set for them to showcase their abilities and create memorable moments that will shape the future of Impact Wrestling.

With this revelation, wrestling enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The prospect of witnessing Miguel’s ascent to stardom is a thrilling one, as it signifies the continued growth and evolution of Impact Wrestling as a whole.

As we eagerly await Victory Road and the subsequent Impact 1000 TV tapings, all eyes will be on Trey Miguel. Will he rise to the occasion and prove himself worthy of Alex Shelley’s praise? Only time will tell.

In conclusion, Alex Shelley has unveiled his pick for the future star of


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