The wrestling scene was recently stirred by an incident involving two of its notable figures, CM Punk and Jack Perry. However, veteran wrestler Rob Van Dam has a different perspective on the matter, stating that “CM Punk & Jack Perry’s Altercation Wasn’t A Big Deal” 🤼.

Last month, Rob Van Dam faced off against Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite, which ended in a losing effort for him. This match served as a precursor to the highly anticipated AEW All In 2023 event. As the dust settled from the intense match, a backstage incident between Perry and former WWE superstar CM Punk sparked controversy within the wrestling community.

During the post-show media scrum at AEW All Out 2023, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Perry had been suspended indefinitely due to his backstage altercation with CM Punk. The news sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, as fans and fellow wrestlers alike tried to make sense of what had transpired.

However, Van Dam, known for his laid-back attitude and high-flying wrestling style, seemed to downplay the incident. According to him, the altercation between Punk and Perry wasn’t a big deal. The seasoned wrestler’s comments offer a fresh perspective on the incident, suggesting that such backstage altercations may not be as uncommon or as serious as some might think.

Van Dam’s viewpoint raises interesting questions about the nature of professional wrestling. Is the intense rivalry often portrayed in the ring merely part of the show, or does it spill over into real-life conflicts? Are backstage altercations a common occurrence in the wrestling industry, overlooked until they involve high-profile figures?

While Van Dam’s comments have certainly shed new light on the incident, they also serve as a reminder of the unique dynamics of professional wrestling. As much as it is a sport, wrestling is also a form of entertainment, complete with its own set of unwritten rules and conventions. Perhaps the Punk-Perry incident was nothing more than a heated exchange of words, blown out of proportion due to the individuals involved.

Regardless of one’s stance on the matter, the incident has undoubtedly added another layer of intrigue to the world of professional wrestling. As fans eagerly await the return of Jack Perry and the next move of CM Punk, the words of Rob Van Dam remind us that behind the glitz and glamour of wrestling, there is a complex web of interpersonal dynamics at play.

In conclusion, while the incident between Punk and Perry has certainly raised eyebrows, the wrestling world continues to turn. With the suspension of Perry, the wrestling landscape is bound to shift, opening up opportunities for other wrestlers to step into the limelight. Amidst all this, the words of Rob Van Dam echo in our minds – perhaps the incident ‘wasn’t a big deal’ after all.


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