In a thrilling episode of AEW Collision on Friday night, wrestling fans were treated to an intense singles match between Andrade El Idolo and Scorpio Sky. The two wrestlers gave their all in the ring, showing off their skills and determination to win.

Andrade El Idolo emerged as the victor after a hard-fought battle with Scorpio Sky. He managed to tap out his opponent using the Figure Eight Leglock maneuver – a move that requires great strength and technique. This victory marked another significant achievement for Andrade in his wrestling career 🏆.

However, the excitement didn’t end there. Following this exhilarating match, Bullet Club Gold made an appearance on stage adding to the suspense of what was already an action-packed evening.

The most intriguing part came when Jay White took center stage. It seemed like he had something important on his mind concerning Andrade El Idolo’s recent victory over Scorpio Sky.

Jay White went ahead and challenged Andrade directly which added more fuel to this fiery event. His bold challenge caught everyone’s attention as it hinted at a possible face-off between him and Andradde in future matches – surely something every wrestling fan would look forward too!

This development is bound to make future episodes even more interesting as we wait eagerly for how things will unfold following Jay White’s challenge towards newly victorious wrestler – Andrade El Idolo!

Will Jay White be able prove himself against such formidable competition? Or will Andrade continue riding high on his winning streak? Only time will tell!

All in all, this episode of AEW Collision has left us with anticipation for what lies ahead in upcoming matches while also providing us some unforgettable moments from past ones.


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