In the latest episode of AEW Collision, wrestling enthusiasts were treated to a thrilling face-off between Andrade El Idolo and Scorpio Sky. The two wrestlers clashed in singles action that had fans on the edge of their seats. 🤼‍♂️

The match was anything but predictable as both competitors showcased their skill and determination. It was an intense battle, with each wrestler giving it their all to secure victory.

Andrade El Idolo came into the match with confidence, ready to prove himself once again in front of his legion of fans. On the other hand, Scorpio Sky entered the ring determined not just to compete but also show his worth against one of AEW’s top stars.

As expected from these seasoned athletes, they put up a good hard-fought match that kept spectators guessing until the very end. Both warriors displayed exceptional strength and technique throughout this encounter.

However, after several grueling minutes of back-and-forth action filled with high-impact moves and near falls, it was Andrade who emerged victorious over Sky by making him tap out using his signature move – Figure Eight Leglock.

But there wasn’t much time for celebration as right after this exciting bout concluded another surprise awaited everyone present at AEW Collision event. Bullet Club Gold made its way onto stage which immediately grabbed everyone’s attention.

Jay White took centerstage underlining how he has been keeping tabs on Andrade’s recent performances especially considering tonight’s outcome where he successfully defeated Scorpio Sky.

White didn’t leave anyone guessing about why he stepped forward today when he challenged none other than victor Andrade for Grand Slam title! This announcement sent shockwaves through audience confirming what will surely be another must-watch spectacle in world professional wrestling scene soon enough!

This unexpected challenge adds more intrigue moving forward as Jay White is known for being a formidable competitor while Andradé has proven himself repeatedly inside squared circle too.

Fans are now eagerly waiting to see how this newly announced match-up unfolds. Will Andrade El Idolo continue his winning streak or will Jay White manage to dethrone him? No matter the outcome, it’s certain that AEW Collision is going to be a hot topic among wrestling enthusiasts for weeks to come!


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