Angelina Love, a 6-time Impact Knockouts Champion, recently opened up about her future plans in the wrestling industry. In a recent episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, she discussed her thoughts on retirement and what she envisions for herself after stepping away from the ring.

When asked about her potential retirement, Love expressed that while she doesn’t feel ready to retire immediately, she believes that there will come a time when she just knows it’s time to hang up her boots. She acknowledged that although another championship run would be enticing, she is also considering life beyond professional wrestling.

In contemplating her post-wrestling career, Love shared that she has various interests and aspirations outside of the ring. While specific details were not revealed during the interview, it is clear that Angelina Love has given thought to what lies ahead once she decides to bid farewell to active competition.

Love’s fellow wrestler Tommy Dreamer was also mentioned in relation to retirement during the podcast discussion. It was suggested that if Dreamer were to lose a particular match or event in his career, he would choose to remain retired permanently. This decision highlights how personal circumstances and individual goals can influence one’s choices regarding their future in professional wrestling.

The conversation with Angelina Love shed light on an important aspect of any athlete’s journey – planning for life after sports. Retirement is inevitable for every competitor at some point or another; therefore, it is crucial for them to consider their options and set goals beyond their athletic careers.

As fans eagerly await updates on both Angelina Love and Tommy Dreamer’s futures within the world of professional wrestling, it remains clear that these talented individuals have much more left to offer even if they eventually decide to step away from active competition. Their passion for this form of entertainment shines through as they continue pushing boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, Angelina Love provided insight into her retirement plans during a recent interview on “Busted Open Radio.” While she doesn’t feel ready to retire just yet, Love acknowledges that there will come a time when she will know it’s the right moment to transition into the next chapter of her life. As fans, we can only anticipate what lies ahead for this accomplished wrestler and wish her continued success in all her future endeavors.


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