In a recent episode of his podcast, “The ARN Show,” WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson reflected on the 1993 reunion of The Four Horsemen in WCW. One significant aspect that stood out was the absence of Tully Blanchard during this crucial event.

Arn Anderson is an iconic figure in wrestling history and has been part of some unforgettable moments. His recollections about the famed Four Horsemen group are particularly noteworthy, given their impact on professional wrestling. This faction originally consisted of Ric Flair, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson himself, and Tully Blanchard.

When discussing the reunion back in ’93 without Blanchard’s involvement, it was clear that there were mixed emotions for Arn. He remembered how essential each member had been to creating what would become one of pro-wrestling’s most celebrated stables.

Blanchard was indeed a key player within The Four Horsemen and contributed significantly to its overall success throughout its existence. As such, his absence at the reunion left a noticeable void that couldn’t be filled by anyone else.

Anderson went on to ponder whether fans would have remembered Tully if he had returned for this momentous occasion 🤔 . It raises an interesting question regarding not only memory but also legacy within sports entertainment circles – especially considering how much time had passed since they last teamed up together as The Four Horseman.

Despite any speculation about fan reactions or potential forgetfulness concerning past wrestlers’ contributions over time – one thing is certain: those who followed WCW during its heyday would undoubtedly remember Blanchard’s contribution to The Four Horsemen stable.

Yet even with these thoughts lingering around him like ghosts from matches past – Arn made sure not let them overshadow what was still an important milestone in both his career and life post-WCW era; namely being able to reconnect with old friends while reminiscing about shared experiences inside (and outside) ring ropes.

In conclusion, despite missing a key member in Tully Blanchard, the reunion of The Four Horsemen was still an event that brought back many memories and emotions. It also served as a reminder of how much these individuals contributed to wrestling history.

Arn Anderson’s reflections on this period provide valuable insight into the dynamics within one of wrestling’s most storied factions. His candidness about Blanchard’s absence at the reunion further highlights the significance each member held within The Four Horsemen, making their collective legacy all the more intriguing for fans both old and new alike.


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