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Artémis: the first French woman to ever sign a contract with the WWE


Artémis: the first French woman to ever sign a contract with the WWE

Despite these difficult times, good news continues to brighten the world every day. Today it is French referee Artémis who brings this good news, as she becomes the first French referee to sign a contract with the WWE. The news has been made official by Artémis on its social networks.

For several months now, Artémis has proudly represented France in England at NXT UK. While her appearances were previously punctual, the French referee will now work full time with the company. She thus becomes not only the first referee but also the first French woman in history to sign a contract with WWE.

We were telling you about it this Sunday on Catch au Quotidien, the referee Artémis became the first French woman to sign a contract with the WWE. According to our information, the 30-year-old is joining the company full time and will not be limited to NXT UK.

Since her debut at NXT UK last April for the Glasgow’s show, Artémis was not yet under contract with the WWE. This contract was offered to her last January and was finalized in March.

According to our information, Artémis was supposed to take part in the NXT and Axxess shows at Wrestlemania 36, but the coronavirus pandemic took away this opportunity. This means that Artémis will not be exclusively linked to NXT UK. A future (more or less near) to NXT or even to the main roster is therefore a possibility.

On a different note, concerning NXT UK, WWE records four to five episodes at each session, i.e. one session every four or five weeks and very followed on Sbo. This therefore explains why NXT UK is always provided with its audience despite containment or restrictions.

Finally, concerning its future in France and Europe, Artémis will still be allowed to work for other companies, but with strict criteria imposed by WWE. This contract seems to be identical to the one offered to the top stars of NXT UK.

Contacted by Catch au Quotidien, Artémis has agreed to comment on this news:

“It’s obviously a great pride to have won this contract. It has been a long road on the independent scene to get there and the tryouts have been tough, both physically and mentally.

As a woman, I had to work twice as hard as men to establish myself as a referee (I was the only one in Europe when I started about ten years ago), and to manage to get even one tryout for the WWE last April was the reward for all these years of struggle!

Then came the TV matches at NXT UK and finally the contract offer. It’s a mixture of pride and gratitude, with of course the desire to progress and reach the main roster in the years to come!”

Thus, according to information from our colleagues, Artemis has signed a full-time contract with the WWE. Negotiations would have started last January, to be finalized this March. This agreement should have allowed him to travel to the United States for NXT and Axxess during the weekend of WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, Artémis will not be so lucky because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it is therefore not impossible to see it on the side of NXT in the coming months. Also, Artémis could still work for independent structures, be they French or European, under the guidance of the WWE, as well as for other talents from NXT UK.

Artémis spoke in an interview for a French radio station:

“As a teenager, I used to follow wrestling assiduously, and as I always liked to practice the sports I watched, I decided to get into it too! My first choice was obviously to become a wrestler, which I did for about 3 years before I got injured. When I learned that I couldn’t take it up again, I looked for a way to stay in the action without physically taking part in the fight. So refereeing was a natural choice as a retraining option. It is a role that is close to my heart and that allows me to continue to be in the ring and to exercise my passion.

I started wrestling at the age of 18 in a club in Bordeaux, it was a geographical choice above all, which allowed me to make my first match in 2009. Afterwards, I made my reconversion as a referee on the ring of the FRPW, still in the Bordeaux region, before continuing on my way a little everywhere in France.

In France, I work mainly for ICWA, FFCP, FRPW and ECTA. I sometimes work for other promotions but on a more occasional basis.

In England, I work for the IPW:UK and I am in contact with other promoters concerning future events.

At the moment I manage to manage wrestling and personal life, it requires a lot of compromise, of course, but I do it without reluctance. Besides, it’s still manageable, it’s not like I’m a US wrestling star!”

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