Aubrey Edwards & Will Washington Call AEW All Out “Cooler” Than All In

In a recent interview on “AEW Unrestricted,” Aubrey Edwards and Will Washington expressed their belief that AEW All Out not only matched, but surpassed the magnitude of AEW’s largest-ever event, All In. The duo went as far as to declare that All Out was cooler than the highly acclaimed event held at Wembley.

Taking place just one week after AEW All In, both events captivated wrestling fans around the world. However, according to Edwards and Washington, it was the Chicago-based extravaganza that stole the show. While London’s Wembley undoubtedly left an indelible mark on wrestling history, they argue that there was something special about All Out.

The energy in Chicago’s Sears Centre Arena was electric from start to finish. With a capacity crowd cheering on every move inside the ring, it created an atmosphere unlike any other. From high-flying acrobatics to hard-hitting brawls, each match delivered its own unique brand of excitement.

One cannot overlook the significance of location when comparing these two monumental events. Chicago has long been regarded as a hotbed for professional wrestling enthusiasts who are passionate about their sport. The city has produced countless memorable moments in wrestling history and continues to be a thriving hub for talent in all promotions.

On top of this vibrant setting, AEW brought together some of the most talented performers from around the globe for their marquee event. Legends collided with rising stars in matches that pushed boundaries and showcased innovative techniques never seen before.

Edwards and Washington emphasized how crucial it is for wrestlers to adapt and evolve constantly in order to keep fans engaged and entertained. They praised both events’ ability to deliver unforgettable moments while pushing creative boundaries further than ever before.

All Out featured several standout matches that will forever be etched into fans’ memories: epic clashes between long-time rivals, high-stakes championship bouts, and surprise appearances that left the crowd in awe. The card was meticulously crafted to ensure a rollercoaster ride of emotions for everyone in attendance.

The international flavor brought by London’s All In cannot be ignored either. Wrestling fans from across Europe witnessed an unforgettable spectacle at Wembley Stadium. The grandeur of the venue combined with passionate fans created an atmosphere that resonated throughout the entire event.

However, Edwards and Washington argue that All Out managed to surpass all expectations set by its predecessor. They believe it was not only on par


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