Audible Announces New Podcast About Ashley Massaro & WWE 🎙️

Amazon Audible, the popular audiobook and podcast platform, has recently unveiled an exciting addition to its lineup. A new investigative podcast is set to delve into the life of former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro and her shocking allegations against the wrestling organization.

The series aims to shed light on a distressing incident that occurred in 2007 when Massaro claimed she was sexually assaulted. According to reports, WWE allegedly urged her to remain silent about this traumatic experience. Sadly, tragedy struck in 2019 when Massaro passed away unexpectedly, prompting renewed interest in her story.

In response to these resurfaced allegations, WWE promptly denied any wrongdoing and released a statement addressing the matter. They asserted that Massaro had attempted to fabricate false accusations against them.

With Audible’s upcoming podcast release, listeners can anticipate a deep dive into the circumstances surrounding this controversial case. The show promises extensive research and interviews with key individuals involved in order to provide a comprehensive account of events.

This latest project by Audible signifies their commitment not only to entertainment but also investigative journalism. By exploring such sensitive topics within the world of professional wrestling, they aim to bring awareness and initiate discussions regarding misconduct allegations within sports entertainment.

Ashley Massaro rose to fame as one of WWE’s vibrant personalities during her time with the company from 2005-2008. Her untimely passing shocked fans worldwide and left many unanswered questions regarding her personal struggles both inside and outside the ring.

The forthcoming podcast intends not only to examine Massaro’s experiences but also shed light on larger issues prevalent within the industry itself. It seeks accountability for organizations like WWE while offering support for victims who may fear speaking out due to potential repercussions or silencing tactics employed by powerful entities.

As we eagerly await Audible’s new venture into true crime storytelling combined with wrestling history, it serves as a reminder that the world of sports entertainment is not exempt from scrutiny. The podcast will undoubtedly spark conversations, prompt reflection, and perhaps even inspire positive changes within the industry.

In conclusion, Audible’s announcement of a new podcast centered around Ashley Massaro and her allegations against WWE has generated significant anticipation among fans and enthusiasts alike. By shining a light on this controversial case, the series aims to bring attention to issues of sexual assault within professional wrestling while providing a platform for victims’ voices to be heard.

With each episode promising in-depth research and interviews, listeners can expect an immersive experience that


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