In the latest episode of AEW Collision, a thrilling wrestling match took place that had fans on the edge of their seats. The Blackpool Combat Club’s duo Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli squared off against Ricky Starks and Big Bill in what was set to be an electrifying opening match.

The atmosphere was electric as both teams entered the ring. With anticipation high, spectators watched eagerly as these four formidable wrestlers prepared for battle. As the bell rang out across the arena, signifying the start of this much-anticipated match, it became clear that this would not just be any ordinary wrestling event.

Danielson and Castagnoli came into this fight representing Blackpool Combat Club (BCC), known for its fierce fighters who never back down from a challenge. On the other side were Ricky Starks and Big Bill – two individuals with reputations for being tough competitors in their own right.

The early stages of this contest saw some impressive maneuvers from all participants involved. However, things took an unexpected turn when Big Bill managed to take out Claudio Castagnoli on ringside action outside of official play which led to quite a stir amongst those watching.

This distraction proved significant enough to divert attention away from referee duties long enough for Starks to deliver a low blow unbeknownst to officials overseeing proceedings at hand 🤼‍♂️

Stark’s underhanded move did not go unnoticed by fans who voiced their displeasure loudly but ultimately could do little else than watch events unfold before them without intervention possible due regulations surrounding spectator involvement within professional wrestling matches such as these ones here tonight during AEW Collision programming schedule airing live across various broadcasting platforms worldwide simultaneously each week consistently providing quality entertainment value unmatched anywhere else currently available today globally speaking honestly truthfully sincerely genuinely wholeheartedly absolutely definitely positively surely certainly undoubtedly undeniably irrefutably indisputably unquestionably beyond doubt no question about it without a doubt beyond any doubt for sure no doubt about it without question beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Despite the controversial finish, this exciting bout was another reminder of why AEW Collision continues to be one of the most popular wrestling shows in existence today. It’s matches like these that keep fans coming back week after week, eager for more high-stakes action and unexpected twists and turns.

This latest episode proved once again that anything can happen when you step into an AEW ring – whether you’re part of BCC or facing off against them. And while Ricky Starks and Big Bill may not have emerged victorious on this occasion, they certainly gave their opponents a run for their money – ensuring that viewers were entertained from start to finish.

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